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4 pious Integration types that make Email Marketing more unified!

Out of the ocean full of marketing media vehicles available for your disposal, Email is surely one such big head. But, every marketing channel should ...

Out of the ocean full of marketing media vehicles available for your disposal, Email is surely one such big head. But, every marketing channel should be aligned and work in tandem with one another. Yesss!! INTEGRATION is exactly what we are talking about! A 360 integrated marketing communication approach encompassing email, search, digital, outdoor, print, mobile, etc. will surely lead to a fruitful marketing yield.

So, if you have a robust email strategy which other pre-eminent channels should you integrate your email campaigns with? Uplers bring you some substantial ways to bolster up your email marketing efforts and their associated benefits, in the pointers below:

1.       Email and Social Media Integration

According to Marketing Sherpa 2013 Survey, around 64% marketers said email marketing ROI is expected to increase in coming times and 63% of marketers said the case is very same with social media marketing.

Email marketing and social media both are like two sides of the coin. They both have enormous potential to convert customers.


  • Facilitate list building through social media with interesting updates so that the subscribers feel compelled to sign-up. Include sign-up links on your social media pages as well.
  • Practice email sending based on the insights gained from across all social platforms. Avail dynamic targeted information to lure highly socially active subscribers.
  • And lastly, add social media buttons to all the emails you render to give them an opportunity to connect, while they are already interested.

Such integration would organically grow your email list at a good pace. To know more about email, social integration, visit our infographic here.

2.       Email and Mobile Integration

75 percent of respondents say they are highly likely to delete an email if they can’t read it on their smartphone. Surprisingly, despite these telling numbers, only 11% of emails are optimized for mobile.


  • Design a mobile layout keeping in mind the finger targets with clear CTAs and easy to read, swipe and scroll layout. Providing both HTML and plain text versions is necessary.
  • Test the different templates across various types of mobile devices to pick visual and functional flaws if any.
  • If your emails direct towards landing pages that have fields seeking information, optimize them with a responsive layout too to not miss out on any information.

Creating responsive email designs to facilitate a fine mobile viewing experience would make you email look splendid and flawless across all viewing platforms, inviting more clicks and conversions.

3.       Email and Blog Integration

Lawrence Liu from Microsoft, says, “Blog policy at Microsoft is just two words: Blog Smart.” Blog and email integration can work wonders for any business.


  • Emphasize on email subscriptions on your knowledge base and social platforms. Email subscriptions are always better as compared to subscribing by RSS; as the emails are sent straight to the inbox.
  • Provide as much as free blog content as possible, this would keep the subscribers glued and informed.
  • Optimize blog content in a way that it does not seem very promotional of your business’s products or services and still passes the message very well.

Such integration helps maintain subscriber relationships and nurture the prospects into leads more easily as they are already educated about the company. Forget not, a good relationship would move faster in the sales funnel.

4.       Email and Analytics Integration

Philip Sheldrake, a marketer said, “Don’t measure what you can. Measure what you should.” Analytics can do wonders to your email marketing campaign if integrated and utilized the right way.


  • Integrate the individual analytics of your website, social media platforms, email and other channels in order to avail a multi-channel view of what sells the best.
  • Segment your emails better with the use of integrated or close-loop analytics that would provide deeper insights.
  • Identify the various cross-channel patterns and optimize your emails accordingly, in order to boost conversions.

Integration of Email and analytics would help you understand the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy; providing you with smart data for better targeted emails.

See the above integrations fetch you supremely divine results by incorporating them as an integral part of your email marketing strategy. Let us know about other effective integration types that you have used under your email marketing strategy, in the comments below! 🙂

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