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Countdown Timer in Email – The Good and Not-so-good of It

While taking your exam or test, the echoes of “Tick tock, tick tock” clings into your head during the last few minutes and makes you step on the g...

While taking your exam or test, the echoes of “Tick tock, tick tock” clings into your head during the last few minutes and makes you step on the gas, such is the impact of urgency. Having said that; fashioning a sense of urgency with countdown timer in email to promote any sale, event, or any other communication; affects your email campaign positively.

While most consumers battle the chaos of promotional emails in their inbox, let’s dive deep into the divine effectiveness of countdown timer in email to make them look exclusive & preeminent.

Here’s a sample of countdown timer in email

countdown in email sample

Advantages of Countdown timer in Email

Create a sense of urgency for your next big sale – Countdown in email can create a sense of urgency and excitement among the readers. It can let your readers know the amount of time left for your next big sale to begin.

Form an enthralling limited period live promotion – Offers and discounts are typically for a limited period. Reminder emails backed with countdown can be used to inform the readers about the time left for the offer to end.

Create curiosity for an event or product launch – Countdown in email can also be used to create a curiosity and excitement among the attendees of an event or launching your next big product.

Limitations of Countdown in Email

• The GIF images for countdown is generated through PHP scripts, thus they have to be hosted on a server to let it display in the email.

• The display of countdown in Outlook will run a fallback image. The countdown image will be static, but would display the real time status.


Countdown in emails are compatible across all platforms. However, outlook & lotus will render the images if they are provided proper fallback support.


Experience the sample countdown email right in your inbox, now!


  • Ecommerce sites have a big churn of products. They can offer discounts on different products for a limited period of time through email with the help of countdown in emails.
  • Event companies can use countdown in emails to send reminder to the attendees about the event.
  • Banks while offering a limited period loan offer to customers can also take the advantage of countdown in email to show the validity of the offer.
  • Automobile industry can send emails with countdown before the launch of their new car.
  • Retailers wanting to inform their readers about the expiry of the ongoing offer or expiry of the abandoned products in the cart can also use countdown in email.
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