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8 Email Template Builders You Need To Take Note Of Right Now!

Want to build breathtaking and compelling email templates? Here are 8 email template builders that will help you do so!...

Figuring out ways to improve the quality of email campaigns is among the major preoccupations of invariably every business out there. As it should be. An extremely powerful channel, email forms the backbone of most brands’ marketing and communication affairs. In order to maximize its potential, crafting impactful and pixel-perfect campaigns is imperative. Given email templates lie at the core of your campaigns, it follows logically that if you wish for your communication to receive a rousing reception, you need to hit all the right notes with your templates. How can you achieve that, you ask? By partnering up with the right email template builder, of course!

When it comes to HTML email builders, there’s absolutely no dearth of good options in the market. So, how do you determine which one is the correct fit for you and your business? Well, that’s precisely what we’re going to help you with today. In this blog, we dive deep into the scope, salient features, and pricing models of some of the best email template builders in operation. Curious, are you? Dive in, then!


Everyone in the email marketing community is well familiar with HubSpot. One major contributor to its immense popularity in this domain is its comprehensive suite of email marketing tools. Let’s take a look at some of its salient features.

  • Using its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you can create an email template of your choice, all in a matter of a few clicks. Further, you also have the liberty to customize said template to ensure it is consistent with your brand’s design language.
  • It allows you to take your personalization game up a notch. How? With HubSpot, you can craft tailored emails based on list membership, subscriber’s lifecycle stage, or any other contact information present in your database. This is made possible because when you use the HubSpot email builder, you also get access to its all-in-one CRM, where all your customer information is stored.
  • Besides enabling you to execute sophisticated campaigns, HubSpot also allows you to monitor their performance effectively, courtesy of its peerless analytics tools. You can leverage them to obtain a host of critical insights, such as open rates, the performance of embedded links, engagement levels, and the like.
  • It lets you run A/B tests, thereby making it convenient for you to identify the best version of your email.
  • HubSpot supports several third-party integrations. The best part? They aren’t just limited to platforms developed and supported by HubSpot. The scope also extends to those developed externally by HubSpot Connect partners. These integrations give your campaigns an edge over your competitors. Here are a few integrations you may consider exploring- Seventh Sense, Zapier, NeverBounce, Calendly, and ReadyTalk. 

Pricing: HubSpot offers a free plan where users can avail of a wide variety of marketing, CMS, sales, operation, and service tools for their business. While the full versions of many of these tools will remain out of bounds for them under this free plan, it is sufficient for them to get the lay of the land. Paid plans start at $45/month. 

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Mailchimp is, hands down, among the most widely-used email template builders out there. So, what are the features which make it the go-to platform for many? Let’s take a look. 

  • It has a highly user-friendly interface.
  • With the Mailchimp new email builder, you are free to edit elements directly on the content block. 
  • You can make use of other exciting Mailchimp features like automation to take your campaigns to the next level.
  • You will have access to custom landing page creation tools.
  • Mailchimp has an excellent online form builder in store, using which is sure to boost your newsletter signup numbers.
  • Mailchimp supports integrations with several third-party marketing applications.
  • It possesses advanced social sharing options.
  • It has a robust reporting and analytics dashboard.
  • Its design testing tool lets you ensure that your emails render flawlessly across different email clients.
  • Mailchimp’s landing page design features provide users with intuitive tools to create visually stunning and effective landing pages that seamlessly complement their email campaigns.

Pricing: While Mailchimp does offer a free plan, its scope is extremely limited- you can add up to 500 subscribers only. The starting tier of Mailchimp’s plans, termed “Essentials,” is priced at $9.38/ month.


Klaviyo users can create their templates by using either its Classic editor or its New In-built Template Editor. Below, we discuss the notable features of each.

Classic Editor

  • Allows you to clone, save, delete, and move blocks. Subsequently, this makes the whole template-building process that much easier.
  • Has a dedicated “Styles” tab which provides you with a bevy of styling options (adding background color, padding, borders, and margins, among other things) for your blocks.
  • When creating your first email template, you’ll encounter two options for adding products: “Populate from Feed” and “Select from Catalog.” Opting for the first choice automatically adds products from the configured product feed in Klaviyo. This could include best-selling items, the latest additions, or personalized recommendations based on your customers’ interactions. Alternatively, choosing the second option enables you to manually select specific products and incorporate them into the template. To manually select specific products and incorporate them into the template.

New Template Editor

  • Has an Undo/Redo button which lets you rectify mistakes during the designing process.
  • Lets you add a custom font of your liking. 
  • To overlay text on an image, all you need to do is add a background image.
  • You get the option of saving a particular block or section as “Universal content.” What this does is effect edits across all instances of the saved content at the same time. 
  • Has an autosave feature.
  • Allows you to repeat the content of a specific block or section for each entry in a list of data.

Pricing: Klaviyo has a free plan which is valid for up to 250 subscribers only. Beyond that, you have to avail of its paid packages which start at $45/ month.


The impressive feature suite of Pardot’s email template builder allows you to create pixel-perfect and impactful templates with ease. Listed below are some.

  • In the Pardot email template builder, you don’t have to hard-code your own email buttons. You simply need to drag them from the “Components” section and place them on your template.
  • You can store and fetch images from Salesforce CMS. Along with that, you can also add alt text and hyperlinks to said images.
  • Every template you build in the Pardot email builder is mobile-optimized. 
  • Using the email preview section, you can instantly see how your email will appear across different devices.
  • Allows you to send and resend email content.

Pricing: To use the Pardot email template builder, you need to purchase any of the packages under Salesforce’s “Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing” offerings. The “Basic” plan is the first tier and is priced at $400/ month.


With Stripo’s online email template builder, sky’s the limit for you. Let’s take a look at some of its most exciting features.

  • To create a template, you can either use its HTML email template builder or drag-and-drop builder, or even both simultaneously. 
  • Email templates created on Stripo’s builder can be exported to as many as 70 ESPs. Alternatively, you can download them as Image or PDF files. 
  • Stripo’s drag-and-drop AMP blocks let you build AMP emails from scratch without any HTML-knowhow.
  • With the Stripo Email Translate Service, you can translate your emails into various languages. As a result, you can reach out to your customers in different regions in the language they speak.
  • Modules that you store in your personal storage can be reused in any of your future campaigns.

Pricing: Stripo has a free plan which you can utilize to determine whether it’s the best suit for your business or not. Its paid plans start at $15/month.


Chamaileon’s email template builder lets you create eye-popping and mobile-responsive templates without any coding skills. Take a look at some of its notable features.

  • You can send test emails to your colleagues to get their approval for a particular template. Once you add their addresses, you can save them as well. This keeps you from specifying them every time you have to send a test email.
  • Chamaileon’s email template builder has highly powerful image editing capabilities. 
  • The interface is clean and user-friendly, promising to make your template-creation journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 
  • It offers support for both Android and Apple devices.

Pricing: Chamaileon offers a free 14-day trial to all users. Paid plans start at $150/month.


The brilliant capabilities of BEE’s email template builder allow you to unleash your creativity to the fullest. Here are some of its eye-grabbing features.

  • BEE is an online email template builder which lets you craft responsive emails with ease. 
  • It offers integrations with several SaaS applications. It also has an integration with Giphy, giving you access to a large collection of stickers. 
  • It lets you drop images from your desktop to the template you are designing.
  • If you have to drop your template design midway for some reason, don’t worry. When you come back, you’ll be able to resume right from where you left off.

Pricing: BEE’s free plan can be availed of up to 10 designs (email or pages). After that, you will have to purchase its paid plans, the pricing of which starts at $30/month.


The AWeber email template builder makes it extremely convenient for you to craft brand-consistent and engaging templates. Take a look at some of its noteworthy features. 

  • Possesses a “Smart Designer” that builds and recommends templates using AI. This intelligent design assistant analyzes your website and social media accounts to understand your brand’s design language. Subsequently, it utilizes this information to provide you with a gallery of custom-branded email templates.
  • It has a drag-and-drop AMP carousel using which you can add AMP image carousels to your templates.
  • AWeber contains a “Campaigns Marketplace” where you can design and execute full-scale email campaigns.

Pricing: To get started with AWeber, you can avail of its free plan. If you want to use its advanced functionalities, you can buy its pro plan, which starts at $16.15/ month. 

Wrapping It Up

Selecting the right email template builder goes a long way toward building powerful campaigns and driving impressive results. We hope the above guide will help you make an informed decision when the time comes.

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