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Dad’s the word: Father’s Day email inspirations for 2021

Father’s Day is a unique opportunity to promote your products and services and make the day special for consumers. See how email marketing helps...

Some might think that Father’s Day isn’t as important because it is a lesser holiday than Mother’s Day in terms of consumer enthusiasm. However, statistics prove otherwise. Although spending isn’t as big as that on Mother’s Day, it is significant enough for marketers to make a big deal out of it. In 2020, 75% of US residents planned to celebrate the day, with a total expected spending of $17 billion.

The reasons for the gap between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day spendings lessening could range from the encouragement for expression of male sentiments in popular discourse, to the general rise in gifting purchases. Whatever the case, Father’s Day is as important as any other major holiday for email marketers, and it is coming closer. So, instead of winging it, be prepared with a sound plan. Let us begin with some tips for your Father’s Day email marketing strategy

Father’s Day email marketing tips

Here are some basic Father’s Day email marketing tips for your campaign.

1. Use it as a nudge:

We are all bad at remembering significant days at some point in our lives. Most parents in the world complain about this. Why not use your emails as a tool to keep reminding subscribers that Father’s Day is approaching and that they better have a plan soon? You can make multiple emails and send them a few weeks, a week, and a couple of days before.

2. Give them all kinds of options:

When you recommend gifts for Father’s Day, remember that your consumers might already have broken banks over Mother’s Day only a few weeks before. Some assurance in the form of affordable gifting options would probably be useful. This is the time to bring out innovative products, combos, and offers.

3.Go emotional:

Society no longer shies away from men’s emotions. Father’s Day communication, too, is going away from just Dad jokes and the usual flavors to the deeply emotional bond between a father and his children. So, stay with the times and touch upon those precious sentiments.

4. When in doubt, have a laugh:

Let’s say your stores are closed and you aren’t shipping online. Or maybe, your products aren’t in sync with Father’s Day gifting. Does that mean you don’t create a Father’s Day email campaign? Absolutely not. You can simply offer some good-old goofy humor and send a wishing email. Humor always works in creating a positive association with consumers and increasing brand recall. 

5. Create originality:

The age of keychains, coasters, tie-links, and wallets is gone. Personalization has entered the gifting space in all categories. Even if your products are the ones mentioned above, you cannot sell them on their own or with name engravings alone. You need to think a few steps further and throw in something bigger such as a poem dedication, for example. 

6. Acknowledge negative triggers:

Remember that Father’s Day could be traumatic or triggering for some consumers. The UK has lately been seeing a trend of brands providing subscribers to opt-out of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day communication specifically. Prepare a separate email for this announcement if you have to, but do acknowledge the need for it.

Now that we are done running over some unique tips, let us jump straight into our curation of inspiring emails.

Father’s Day email inspirations

Here are some of the most beautiful, touching, funny, innovative, and unique Father’s Day emails we came across.

1. Nue Bar:

This email opens with a notification to order in time for delivery before Father’s Day, which is smart placement. The hero image, which has the product with a lot of significant negative space around, does the trick in establishing it as a classy gifting option. This is followed by custom options for different preferences, making it all the more bespoke.

2. fitbit

fitbit’s hero image instantly grabs your attention with its cute, angelic look. The sketching of the word ‘Dad’ in different languages complements the photo perfectly and gives it a more adorable flavor. Instead of trying to promote fitness for Dad, fitbit went the sentimental way and focused on delicate feelings. This is the kind of risk marketers and email designers should take.

Another little risk that the email here takes is using a shade of pink for the background, something you would expect more from a Mother’s Day email or another email meant for feminine products. It refuses to ignore the soothing and tender effect pink shades have and uses them to their full potential.

3. New York Times:

This short and sweet email by the New York Times hits the right spot by capitalizing upon the habit of millions of Dads who read the newspaper every morning. The New York Times crossword is widely popular all across the world. Offering a subscription of the same with a very impactful GIF to pull you in is a plan that could not have gone wrong.

The sober blue color chosen by the newspaper is also working in its favor. It is not too bright, nor too dull (as you would assume a newspaper ad to be). It helps in maintaining a visual balance, and so does the color scheme of the character. 


4. Rudy’s:

The hero image says a lot in itself. It makes you want to read the copy beneath and find out what exactly is going on here. No Father’s Day email will have photos of father and child who are NOT looking happy or overenthusiastic. But, this email gets full points for breaking the clutter and displaying its message for frugal and discount-monger families in this quirky way. 

It quickly offers proof for its proposition with product offers right underneath. That’s how smart emails are designed. Notice that there isn’t too much copy to explain the idea of the hero image. However, there is a good amount of copy beneath the promotional images.  

5 ring:

The color scheme of this email is as soothing as the symmetric arrangement of inner products. All the products at the margins are arranged in a specific direction and pattern. The humorous copy only adds to the flavor created by this catchy design. Notice how the copy below is very crisp and precise, giving the hero image more space to shine. In fact, the hero image is the email. Brevity becomes very important to support the prominence of the design. 

6. Theory 11:

This list would have been incomplete without a good old gifting guide. This email uses a lot of traditional structural elements that gifting guides use, such as the copy, the format of displaying products, etc. However, Theory11 knows how much is too much or too little. It creates magic with the background. But it doesn’t let things get too heavy by keeping the copy crisp and the images boxed. 

Overall, the email has a very royal look and feel, promising you help with gifting something truly special to your Dad this year. 

7. Anya Hindmarch:

This extremely sensitive opt-out email from Anya Hindmarch gets it right. Usually, such emails go with very minimal or no visuals. However, this brand tried to go beyond and introduce a stark, bright red, beating heart. It is a little bit of a risk, but a calculated one. The heart only makes things light while still being empathetic and not being disrespectful.

The copy beneath is as short as it gets, even though it is very easy to run into paragraphs of copy for an email like this. The email in its entirety is assuring, empathetic, and displays understanding. 

To sum it up

Father’s Day should be one of your favorite holidays as a marketer. There isn’t enough cashing in on this opportunity, to be honest. Especially this year, when email open and conversion rates are projected to be higher. So, put on your creative hats and get working on a memorable Father’s Day campaign that brings your brand recognition, recall, and conversions. Need help with creating a responsive and flawless Father’s Day email? We can help.

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