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Father's day email inspirations

10 Email Inspirations To Help You Create Delightful Father’s Day Campaigns!

Hunting for ideas for your Father’s Day email campaign? This blog is sure to give you plenty!...

Dads are funny creatures. Ask them to make small talk with their own kid, they will sweat profusely. Ask them to hold the sky for the sake of their kid, they will put Hercules to shame. Silent, dutiful, and fiercely protective, dads make our worlds go round without ever calling attention to it in the slightest. So, it is only fair that we take the slightest opportunity to celebrate them, Father’s Day certainly not being the least of them!

In 2022, Father’s Day spending reached a mind-boggling $20 billion. It won’t be wrong to assume that this figure will further skyrocket this year. So, if you play your cards right, you stand to pocket a big chunk of this lavish revenue pie. And there’s no better way of going about it than focusing on putting out pixel-perfect and riveting Father’s Day email campaigns! Looking for some inspiration to get started? You are just in the right place. Here, we have curated for you a selection of some of the most crackerjack Father’s Day email examples out there. Excited to check them out? Well, what’s stopping you? Dive right in!

1. Sur La Table

Subject line: 🦐 🥩 Treat Dad to some sensational surf and turf.

Sur La Table- Father's day email inspiration

Choosing a gift for your loved ones, especially dads, who aren’t really among the most expressive individuals out there can be tough. Sur La Table makes this job significantly easier for you by telling you EXACTLY what your present could be. The caveats around free delivery and free shipping have been highlighted right at the very top, ensuring that they catch the reader’s attention the moment the email is opened. What makes this Father’s Day email template stand out is the fact that the headline is lucid and catchy, preparing the readers for what might lie ahead. 

The hero section image capitalizes elegantly upon this. Upon scrolling down, Sur La Table introduces you to products that will help you enhance the quality of the “present” it has suggested to you. The USPs of said products are highlighted distinctly, making it easy for subscribers to commit them to memory. Despite showcasing plenty of products, the email never looks cluttered, thanks to the clever use of white space throughout, something you can consider implementing in your custom HTML email templates as well.  At the bottom of the email, a complete lowdown regarding the terms and conditions of free delivery has been included for the subscriber’s clarity. 

2. Brooks

Subject line: Go the extra mile for Dad

Brooks Father’s Day Email Inspirations

If you want your customer to appreciate your product, do not launch into an endless monologue regarding its USPs. Instead, illustrate how its features are tailor-made to address their highly specific pain points. That will definitely get them paying attention to you. This is exactly the approach that Brooks have taken with their email over here, making it one of the finest Father’s day email examples out there. Notice how every product listed in this email has been made relevant to the primary focus of the email, i.e., Dads. 

The email hits all the right notes on the visual front, too. The images are of incredibly high quality and heartwarming in tone; they make it impossible for you to resist smiling. Something worth admiring here is how they have gone about curating their backgrounds. The background color of the segment following the hero section has been matched with the bottom half of the picture occupying it to produce a seamless effect. Because it is a light shade, the products displayed against it have been chosen carefully to create a wonderful contrast. You too can leverage this technique to make your interactive email templates visually impactful. In the subsequent section, the background color and the foreground image are arranged in an almost analogous color scheme. To call attention to their summer sale, Brooks have highlighted that particular section with a conspicuous flair of yellow, ensuring the portion escapes nobody’s eyeballs despite being towards the bottom.

3. Framebridge

Subject line: “For two Dads, this was a biggie.”

Framebridge- Father’s Day Email Inspirations

With one of the most compelling Father’s Day email subject lines, Framebridge hooks you right in. In their Father’s Day email, they make a thoroughly compelling case for their products courtesy of the absolutely heart-tugging snippet inhabiting their hero section. The slide of pictures, in combination with the quote that accompanies it is enough to make anyone’s heart melt a million times over. 

Two CTAs have been presented to the user, one letting them pursue the complete story of the hero section and the other guiding them towards Framebridge’s products. To keep them visually distinct, a different color has been assigned to each. Overall, the use of GIFs has allowed Framebridge to keep the email relatively short, a very smart move if you ask us. Why share a dozen images of your products and elongate your email when you can put them all in a neat GIF? 

4. Winc

Subject line: Want to opt out of Fathers Day emails?

It is very important for your brand to take into account that Father’s Day and Mother’s Day might not be celebratory occasions for all your subscribers. Hence, you MUST check with them, well in advance, to ensure you don’t come across as insensitive. Winc’s email is a brilliant example in this regard. It is simple, crisp, and to the point- exactly how such emails should be. Bonus points for the CTA that lets the reader do precisely what the email’s subject line promised them. 

Now, brands take different approaches with respect to sending out these opt-out communications. While many, like Winc, choose to deliver a dedicated email, others, like Framebridge, in the previous example, incorporate this messaging into their other emails. 

5. Cadbury

Subject line: Hey Prajakti, FREE personalisation on Dairy Milk Father’s Day Bar!

Cadbury- Fathers day email

Personalized gifts are always a hit. And when the gift in question is chocolate, the success rate is bound to be even higher. In their Father’s Day email marketing campaign, Cadbury makes the objective clear with the headline, further reinforcing it with the animation that accompanies it. Talk about offering clarity! On the design front, Cadbury has stuck strongly to its brand colors, which is always the ideal course of action in cases where you aren’t curating a specific color palette for the occasion at hand. The CTA button is prominent and holds the special code, giving the subscribers a solid incentive to interact with it. At the very bottom, one can spot the unsubscribe link. 

6. Tushy

Subject line: Happy Father’s Day! Use code DAD15 for 15% off your order 💩

Tushy- Father's day email

Humor is a great, and surefire way to make an impression on your audience, and make your Father’s Day email campaigns stand out. Don’t take our word for it. Instead, scan through this Father’s Day email by Tushy. The humor of the copy is brilliantly matched by the image. Two CTAs are present in the email, one above the fold, and one below. Highlighting the discount margin with the same color as that of the CTA buttons is a rather clever touch. The unsubscribe link and the social media buttons are placed neatly at the email’s bottom (pun, totally unintended).

7. Paperless Post

Subject line: What to gift your dad on Father’s Day

Paperless Post certainly makes its claim to rank among the most visually striking Father’s Day marketing campaigns because of two primary reasons:

1. The single-column layout, which makes navigating through the email super convenient (besides making the email mobile-friendly)
2. Adherence to brand personality. The playfulness and general aesthetic of Paperless Post’s offerings is writ large across this email.

The products showcased in the email are all vastly different from each other, cleverly highlighting the diversity of the brand’s offerings. At the bottom of the email, one can see the app download buttons, and links to Paperless Post’s social media accounts as well as their blog.

8. The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company

Subject line: Last Chance For A Father’s Day Gift!

Edinburgh fathers day email

The brand gets straight to business with its Father’s Day email- the coupon code is the first thing highlighted in it, set against an extremely wholesome picture, of course. While only one product is the focus of the email, its constituents have been listed for the reader’s clarity. Each of the components is paired with a crisp and engaging product description, aptly outlining their value proposition. All of them have been allotted their own CTA buttons, too. The link at the top of the email redirects users to the brand’s website, where they can browse through their entire collection. Additionally, this Father’s Day email subject line is an excellent example of how to go about involving urgency in your readers’ minds.

9. Birchbox

Subject line: Shoot, it’s Father’s Day already?

Birchbox- fathers day email

Last-minute gift shopping is a very valid phenomenon, and the folks at Birchbox totally understand this. To help out their subscribers thus, they put forward a recommendation they are sure will be a hit among their dads. The email is low on copy, with visuals of the product dominating it. The use of whitespace is generous, which is what gives this Father’s Day email newsletter a really neat look.

10. Uncommon Goods

Subject line: Something new for Father’s Day—no shipping required


Each of the four courses, that Uncommon Goods has proposed in their Father’s Day email marketing campaign has been paired with an image that is bound to pique your curiosity regarding them. Even though the email has multiple sections, you never get overwhelmed because the volume of content in every single segment has been curated quite mindfully. One of the best parts of this email is the animation in its footer which gives subscribers an idea of the brand’s value system, all while being extremely cute!

Wrapping It Up

We hope the examples shared above have been able to fill you with ideas aplenty. We can’t wait to see how you incorporate these learnings into your campaigns!

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