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Fitbit email automation

How Fitbit Nails it With Email Automation

Those of you who already use Fitbit will have an idea of their extensive email marketing campaigns. Fitbit does not just interact with the customer bu...

Those of you who already use Fitbit will have an idea of their extensive email marketing campaigns. Fitbit does not just interact with the customer but also makes it a point to validate and encourage the customer to continue using the service. While Fitbit is known for its stupendous on-board customer service, be it walking the user through new features of the service or making sure that the customer stays engaged, their email automation is what every marketer should learn from.

Fitbit uses email marketing as an environment to motivate users to become more fit by using their services. From receiving badges and being connected with friends, Fitbit customizes each customer’s email journey through automated, which is exactly how it should be. We dig deep into why their emails are loved so much by all.

Sign-up Confirmation

Sign-up Confirmation

This double opt-in email by Fitbit requests the customer to verify their email address. Fitbit is just ensuring that the customer is genuinely interested in them. Therefore, the CTA is the most prominent element of this email and there are no other distracting elements.


A good first impression is half the battle won in email marketing. Once you have established a credible relationship with your customer, further communication is assured to convert. This is the reason companies spend the best resources on the induction process of a customer. 

Take a look at this email: 

fitbit email

This Fitbit shipment tracking email has a great copy and aesthetic design. It caters to the main goal of the message that is to reassure the customer about a hassle-free delivery of the product they ordered. Mission accomplished, Fitbit!

Fitbit shipment tracking email

Here’s another induction email from the brand that acquaints the customer with the product ordered. Fitbit has beautifully complimented every required information with a simple design.


Fitbit sets an example of how one can make the most of customer data in email marketing campaigns. Although these emails are automated, they are relatable to each and every customer on a personal level.

fitbit Personalization

They have segmented the customer journey according to the milestones achieved in fitness regimes. The badges are not just a way of conceptualizing an email campaign, but an appreciation of how committed the Fitbit user has been. This is where the email becomes more than an email blast and gives a personal pat on the shoulder on crossing a particular threshold.

They have also made sure to change salutations according to each badge earned, which shows the user how much effort was put into crafting the personal message. For instance the Italy badge has “Salute” in the copy. If you read further, the copy reads – Here’s a fun fact about Italy and to relate to your success, which not only makes the copy fun and informative, but when the user earns a badge next time, it makes them look forward to such emails!

Fitbit's alert emails
Fitbit’s alert emails have a fun copy and high-resolution imagery to go with it
fitbit personalized birthday wish

In this email, with a personalized birthday wish, Fitbit has created an opportunity to engage the user in two different CTAs. The first part of the birthday email has a simple yet colorful GIF image to get the birthday festivities on; the copy is simple.

The second part of the email has data about how other Fitbit users are performing, which for the moment seems irrelevant until the CTA “See Your Stats. This gives the user an opportunity to compare their progress with other health-conscious peers. Remember the user has already been accustomed to a reward and recognition system where they give them virtual milestones and badges.


fitbit Engagement

This email is an automated engagement email, not promoting any service or sale-oriented product within Fitbit. It just tells the user how the app can serve them better, even while they’re asleep. The enticing headline says “Unlock the secret to a better night’s sleep” which is catchy and relatable enough for anyone to read further on.

Even though there are no products exhibited, this email too has multiple click points which allow the user to choose which action they want to take. Remember the more power your audience they have, the more power to you.

fitbit email lists

This second email lists curated articles that tell the user that it’s fine if they aren’t able to achieve those usual Fitbit goals and gives them alternative ideas to keep themselves fit during COVID-19 lockdown.

Here they have put the consumer’s health before their own marketing, which technically is the smartest way to market. This gives the user one more reason to trust the brand.

fitbit consumer’s health

In this email, Fitbit has used an engaging GIF to tease new features in the application which will benefit the user. The design in this particular email gives the viewer a preview of what they can look forward to in the update that Fitbit is about to launch. The headline copy is simple, straightforward, and concise. An informative primary text and that’s it! The absence of a CTA or a product feature, makes it clear that Fitbit uses email to enhance customer experience as much as it does to boost sales.


Take a look at this New Year email from the brand. It is a fantastic compilation of the user’s entire journey at the end of a particular year. Personalized and awesome!

Fitbit New Year email

Believe it or not, it has 10 CTAs divided into 5 sections of this email. The first section has the data on how the user has performed around the year. The copy is engaging, again using fun-fact comparisons to relate to the achievements like “1773 Total kilometers- That’s like climbing the Eiffel Tower 3675 times.” The first section ends with a double CTA to share the achievements on social media.

From the second section onwards, the brand shares community data, features, featured blogs, testimonials, and so on.

With this email, Fitbit has not only nailed the design, but also used the perfect opportunity to exhibit its range of products with contrasting colors. With a simple copy that is festive yet informative at the same time, the mail ends with a CTA to the sale. This email reflects the brand’s luxury and privileges in the layout of the email.


Fitbit Sales

This email is all about nurturing the relationship with the customer, which is the best strategy for customer retention. Fitbit accomplishes this by regularly updating the customer about new features and products, something that enhances their interest or maximizes the usage of the product. 

Wrapping Up

Fitbit sends an average of 8 emails every month and uses Salesforce as their email service provider. So there you go! These amazing emails by Fitbit are definitely an inspiration to learn from. If you come across such email campaigns that you feel have taken the game to the next level, do let us know in the comment section!

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