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Women's Day Email Inspirations

Craft Impactful Email Campaigns With These 8 Truly Empowering Women’s Day Email Inspirations!

Wish to tick all the right boxes with your Women’s Day email campaigns? These stunning email inspirations will surely help!...

As discourses surrounding gender equality and women’s empowerment gather more and more gravity with every passing day, International Women’s Day, observed annually on 8th March, presents brands with a brilliant opportunity to express their solidarity with this movement by delivering impactful and thoughtful Women’s Day email campaigns to their customers. In a day and age where the brand’s value system has become one of the foremost pillars of its overall appeal (and very rightfully so, if we may add), their participation in such discourses promises to hold them in good stead with all kinds of audiences.

That said, crafting a thoughtful and impactful Women’s Day email campaign is no small feat. Is the perfect campaign idea proving to be elusive for you, too? Well, you’re just at the right place, then! Today, we bring to you a curation of splendid Women’s Day email templates to get your creative energies up and running for your own campaigns. Can’t wait to dive in? Let’s go!

1. Peach and Lily

Subject line: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Customers love to associate themselves with brands that are continuously striving to make a change in society as well as the milieu in which they are operating. In their Women’s Day email, Peach and Lily do a rather brilliant job of showcasing their sense of social responsibility to their subscribers. 

The preview text, acting as a clarion call to the readers to join the brand’s cause, compels the readers to open the email. Inside, the very first copy occupying the hero section gives you an idea of the brand’s ethos. It is followed by a brief insight into their mission statement and a subtle mention of the adulation they receive from their patrons. Then, we are led to the next section, where a few products are recommended to the reader. Except, they are not just any arbitrary recommendations but favorites of the founder herself. A neat infographic that sheds light on the brand’s contribution to the cause it is committed to wraps up the email. 

Despite being text-heavy, the layout doesn’t look cluttered, thanks to the clever usage of typography and line spacing. The decision to use a single-column layout pays off, too, for it makes the email template easy to read and navigate. In the email footer, one can clearly spot the social media buttons, unsubscribe link, and other important links.

2. Araks

Celebrating International Women’s Day

A brand’s appeal is not solely confined to the merit of its products and services; it is also greatly determined by the extent to which it is able to shape the stories of those who join hands with it. More often than not, it is these very stories that draw us towards the brand and make us aspire to be a part of the community it is building. Arak’s choice, therefore, to foreground such stories in their Women’s Day email is a brilliant move, in our opinion. 

Instead of tooting their own horn, Araks invites subscribers to take a closer look at the accounts of eight women who have worked with them. In the process of engaging with these profiles, not only will readers find resonances with their own narratives but also come to strongly believe in the credibility of the very brand, the very entity, that brought these stories to them. 

Visually, the email template is unfussy and has an ideal text-to-image ratio, making it extremely consumable. In the email footer, along with the brand’s mission statement, the social media buttons, unsubscribe link, and view in browser link have been neatly placed.

3. Bl’eau

Subject line: Happy International Women’s Day!

We love it when brands spotlight the special offers they put out for specific occasions in the email’s hero section itself, just like Bl’eau has done over here. While invariably, every other brand curates attractive deals on special occasions, not everyone succeeds in visibilizing them efficiently; that, eventually, leads to poor engagement. So, if you are wondering how to go about it, this Women’s Day template from Bl’eau can surely give you a tip or two! 

This template also does a wonderful job of showcasing the brand’s products- big, high-quality images set against attractive backgrounds; what more can one ask for? The email footer contains a link that we would urge more and more brands to consider adding to theirs, too: the add-to-address-book link. As malicious senders continue to employ increasingly sophisticated means to infiltrate subscribers’ inboxes, the scrutiny with which email clients now gauge the legitimacy of a particular sender is perhaps at an all-time high. In such a scenario, it is essential for brands to request their subscribers to whitelist them so that their emails don’t stand any risk of getting wrongly flagged as spam or junk email. 

4. Poppi

Subject line: It’s International Women’s Day! ❤️

International Women’s Day is a brilliant occasion for brands to emphatically appreciate the women in their workforce without whom their operations would come to an absolute standstill (in hindsight, this appreciation should be a regular phenomenon, but specifically on March 8th, no measures should be spared!); this is exactly what Poppi has done over here. 

The template here is visually gorgeous, has a delightful copy, and is a sea of happy faces; there’s really no way you can stop a smile from blooming on your own face while reading this email. 

5. Lagos

Subject line: Celebrating International Women’s Day

If you want to take a minimalist approach with your Women’s Day email template (minimalism continues to be the rage as ever, especially in the light of the many excesses that are increasingly seeping into our collective experiences), then this email from Lagos will be just the perfect guide for you. 

The hero section in this template spots an affecting visual, the effect of which is ably complemented by the sober copy that accompanies it. Further, the choice of color in the background perfectly reinforces the mood that is conjured up by the copy and the image. The next section showcases some of the brand offerings in a manner that, while subtle, never fails to be persuasive; talk about simplicity being the ultimate sophistication. In this section, Lagos has also shared a special hashtag for the occasion, prompting its users to use the same and post pictures of its products on their social media handles. 

6. Country House Outdoor

Subject line: Happy International Women’s Day 💕

A good practice while sharing product recommendations is to include as many important details surrounding the product as possible in the email itself. What this does is accelerate the decision-making process of the subscribers, thereby giving you a very realistic shot at boosting your conversions. This is precisely what Country House Outdoor have done in their Women’s Day email over here. 

In the women’s top picks section, the image of the products, the names (which also double up as a crisp description), as well as their original and revised prices have been mentioned. Another thing that the brand has done here to increase conversions is include their TrustScore rating in the template; social proof never fails to make an impact on customers. Visually, the arrangement of the various content blocks in the template is highly efficient; the balance between text and image is commendable, too. 

7. Tommy Hilfiger

 Celebrate International Women’s Day

Given that using high-quality images of products in your emails is absolutely non-negotiable, it is sometimes fine to let them be the central visual element in the template as well; it’s a very mature design decision and one that has been executed to perfection by Tommy Hilfiger over here. 

Recognizing the inimitable visual flair that their products pack, the brand has chosen against using any other design element in the template lest it prove to be a distraction. Next, let’s come to the placement of important details- the free ground shipping information has found a spot right at the very top while social media buttons, and other links- unsubscribe, view policy, contact- have been included in the email footer.

8. FarEastFlora

Subject line: Get Ready For International Women’s Day! 💐

GIFs are a powerful visual medium, and if curated mindfully, a single GIF alone can very well be your entire email body, exactly like FarEastFlora’s Women’s Day email template over here. Containing a set of charming visuals, the brand succeeds in both effectively showcasing its offerings and holding the attention of its subscribers. Besides, given how weighty GIFs can be, this is a smart call, too, from an email loading time perspective.

Wrapping It Up

If your mind was a blank canvas at the beginning of this blog, we hope it’s been filled with strokes of many shades by now! All that remains now is for you to arrange these strokes into a coherent whole and breathe life into a Women’s Day email campaign that will become the talk of the town!

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