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Mailable Microsites V: How ‘The Home Depot’ Got Their Sales Ticking With Countdowns

Your email marketing results hugely rely on how effectively you tempt your customers to make the purchase. If your customers fail to make up their min...

Your email marketing results hugely rely on how effectively you tempt your customers to make the purchase. If your customers fail to make up their mind to complete the purchase, it would ultimately hamper your business growth.

And the most effective way to enhance email conversions is to incorporate COUNTDOWN TIMER in your email marketing strategy. Countdown timers have a variety of applications in different fields like travel, event companies, and retail industry. It has numerous advantages from both the marketer’s and subscriber’s point of view.

Our team made a detailed analysis of the emails by The Home Depot to figure out how they modified their email templates through the past few years and included countdown timers to highlight time-bound sale and offers.

The Home Depot Email of 2014

Subject Line: 4 DAYS LEFT ★★★ Save $40 On Paint

Home-Depot email template

The email highlights the Labor Day sale that will last for 4 days. The CTA buttons are all highlighted in red to draw the subscriber’s attention and prompt them to make the purchase. However, the phrase “4 days left” could be confusing for someone who opens the email after a day or two.

Wouldn’t it be more effective if there’s a real-time countdown timer added in the email?

That’s exactly what they thought of three years back and have executed in their emails since then.

Take a look!

The Home Depot Email of 2015

Subject Line: Cyber Savings END ❷NIGHT!

home depot -2015The email is sent to promote “Cyber Savings” that will be gone the next day. The countdown entices the last-minute shoppers to take the action right away and help them drive more conversions.

The Home Depot Email of 2016

Subject Line: This is IT. Savings End TONIGHT.

home depot 2016 emailThe final hours of “Red, White & Blue” savings are highlighted in this email through a countdown timer, followed by a prominent CTA that encourages the customers to SHOP.

The Home Depot Email of 2017

Subject Line: FINAL NOTIFICATION: You’re Advised to Check Out These Memorial Day Special Buys

discount email templateMemorial Day Savings have been promoted by an innovatively designed countdown timer that serves multiple purposes like adding a fun element to the email and reflects urgency as well.

How Uplers Can Help

Do you have an upcoming webinar or a product launch?

Are you an ecommerce website looking forward to endorsing your limited time discount offer?

And yes, this is probably the best time to incorporate this interactive element in your emails with the holidays approaching. After all, isn’t this the time when you announce a lot of limited time sales?

Regardless of the industry you belong to, Uplers can help you in designing a countdown email to promote “Time is Running Out” deals. Many brands have started using email countdown timers to inform the subscribers about the time left for the offer expiry. You can also be among them!

Want to have a customized email template that matches all your preferences?

Have a look at our ‘Mailable Microsite Series’ to know about how renowned brands are effectively executing Interactive Elements in emails.

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