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5 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Email Developers from Uplers

Imagine putting a great deal of effort in designing a flawless email template PSD but not being able to translate it into an equally impressive HTML e...

Imagine putting a great deal of effort in designing a flawless email template PSD but not being able to translate it into an equally impressive HTML email


Email development seems to be one of the most technique-sensitive subjects out of all the steps involved in email marketing. 

Let’s try to understand why email development can get so daunting, even for expert professionals. 

Difficulties Encountered in Email Development

1. Inability to recreate a pixel-perfect email template

Emails look more beautiful when they are pixel-perfect and you pay attention to every pixel to bring out a sharp and clean look. No pixel is aliased or muddied by using compression algorithms.  

For example, create a pixel-perfect button in Photoshop and scale it up or down. By scaling it, you have created interpolation between the pixels and anti-aliasing. Consequently, the colors become muddy and it ends up losing the sharpness. 

The difference is so obvious between these two images. 

If you export the scaled image to a JPG, it can lead to various compression artifacts. The pixels are disturbed, and as a result, the colors are muddy and lack sharpness. 

When every pixel gets used to its best potential, there is no unnecessary aliasing or muddying the images. Many a time, email developers fail to create pixel-perfect templates, thereby hampering the visual aesthetics of the email and the subscriber’s experience as well. 

2. Difficulty in deploying the emails on time

Owing to the long approval process and complicated email development techniques, it might happen that you cannot deploy the emails on time. For instance, Suppose you want to send out an attractive email campaign with GIF animation for the 4th of July. Now, if you fail to complete the design and development on time, you might miss out on sending on the scheduled date. This might affect the number of conversions and thwart business growth.   

3. Experiencing a resource crunch

You would need enough professionals for the smooth and timely execution of email operations, including email development. Companies might face a resource crunch, especially during the Holiday Season, which is the busiest time of the year for email marketers and when several employees are on leave or when an experienced professional resigns and moves on to greener pastures. 

4. Lack of expertise

Lack of expertise is another grave problem that companies face, when it comes to email development. Not all HTML developers would be able to develop emails in line with the latest trends. Many brands have started using APNG instead of GIFs and AMP instead of other interactivity in their emails. If you do not have professionals who are well-versed with these technologies, you might get behind in the competition.

That’s a whole load of challenges, isn’t it? 

The solution is simple. Just hire a dedicated developer from Email Uplers and leave all your development woes with us. 

Here’s how we can streamline the development process for you. 

1. You will get a dedicated developer

When you opt for our dedicated developer services, a team of developers will be assigned to carry out all your development needs. It will put you at ease and let you focus on your business growth rather than trivial matters. This model is suitable for both small businesses and Fortune500 companies. You can scale up or scale down the resources, as needed. Our developers will work as an extended team for you, without any risk of uncertainties or operational discrepancies. 

2. We have certified email specialists

54% of leading companies and brands report skills shortages with businesses in 36 of 44 countries finding it more difficult to hire skilled talent than in 2018. To close the skills gap, we have certified email specialists who have all the technical know-how that you might need and are able to work with 50+ ESPs. These certified professionals will be able to develop pixel-perfect email templates that render flawlessly across all email clients. We deliver tested email templates that can be easily integrated in the ESP of your choice. Our developers are specialized in emails with dynamic content, interactivity, and rich media in addition to master or modular templates.  

3. Email Uplers has the fastest-in-the-industry turnaround time

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we offer a quick turnaround time even at a short notice. You can approach us with last-minute email campaigns and we would help you develop HTML email templates within the required timeline. 

4. Hiring dedicated email developers is a cost-effective option

You will be able to cut down the execution costs by hiring dedicated email developers from Email Uplers, thereby increasing the business profitability. You would no longer have to worry about paying for the infrastructure or any overhead costs or paid leaves. We would do the development job for you at a reasonable price without encroaching on your limited budget. Furthermore, it will also relieve you of any hiring or training expenses. 

You can get a ready dedicated email developer at as low as $30 per hour!  Learn more >>

5. Our biggest testimony? Our happy customers

We have catered to more than 5000 brands and agencies worldwide. With an extensive experience of coding over 3000 templates every month, our email developers can code all types of emails that you would need. Our experts have worked with brands like Disney, National Geographic, Facebook, Weight Watchers, Ogilvy, Oracle, DHL, and Amazon to name a few. 

(We would love to have you as our next happy customer.)

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to achieve a short-term goal of sales or long-term goal of building a strong brand reputation, email developers from Email Uplers can help you with both the visions. 

So, if you want to save up to 40% of your hiring cost, just get in touch with us now and optimize your email development process NOW.  

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Disha Bhatt (Dave)

Disha Bhatt (Dave) works as a Content Strategist at Email Uplers. She is a dentist, who has found her calling in words & technical subjects. She loves to pen down travelogues and romantic short stories in her free time.



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