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Reasons to opt for Managed Marketo Service

5 Reasons You Should Opt For A Managed Marketo Service In 2022

A managed Marketo service can propel your business to incredible heights. Find out how in this article! ...

In today’s uber-competitive business environment, the merit and quality of your offerings aren’t enough to fetch you the mileage you desire; your visibility and reach are just as significant. The modern-day customer can have 99 problems, but facing a shortage of first-rate options certainly isn’t one. Whatever niche your product might belong to, your target audience is very likely to find a dozen alternatives for it just by sparing a cursory glance at the world wide web. So, how do you tower over your competitors? By fortifying your marketing efforts to a fault.

Crafting a winning marketing strategy in 2022 involves enlisting the right combination of talent and technology. This is where managed marketing services come into the picture. From chalking out a blueprint to ensuring its flawless execution, managed marketing services handle every aspect of your organization’s marketing. They become all the more critical when you are dealing with sophisticated marketing automation software, such as Marketo. A darling among marketers, Marketo helps businesses accomplish multiple objectives- lead generation, campaign execution, A/B testing, and performance measurement, to name a few. However, so immense and complex is its scope that, to get the best out of it, you must have the finest talent on board- a managed Marketo service.

Wondering how a managed Marketo service can take your business to new heights? We give you not one, not two, but a total of FIVE reasons in this article. Curious already? Well, dive in!

Ace The Game Of Engagement Marketing

In the current scheme of things, you can’t rely solely on your offerings to win over your customers. To leave an indelible impression on their minds, you must embrace engagement marketing- manufacturing meaningful interactions with your audience at every stage through their customer journey. This will allow you to foster strong relationships with your customers, inviting unwavering loyalty from them in the process. Additionally, building lasting customer relationships goes a long way toward bolstering your brand awareness. 

If you want to invite engagement from your audience, you can’t look past sending personalized messages. And thanks to Marketo, that job becomes incredibly convenient. The platform’s robust built-in analytics, dashboards, and reporting come together to provide marketers with a 360-degree view of every single individual on their contact list. With Marketo, they are able to understand their interests and preferences, demographics, and buying patterns, as well as monitor their interactions across all channels. 

In subsequent times, this information allows them to create unique and relevant campaigns for their customers, essentially implementing personalization at scale. By tapping into Marketo’s AI-powered personalization feature, you can enthrall your audiences with highly targeted and customized messages. A managed Marketo service can provide you with the ideal resource to execute these tasks, a dedicated Marketo automation expert. Besides handling content personalization, this person can also shoulder a slew of other responsibilities, including leveraging Adobe Sensei AI and Machine Learning solution, assembling key elements such as CTA, subject lines, links, and the like. 

Even though engagement marketing is a fairly new concept, it has already created enough ripples to merit your attention. The sooner you hop onto this bandwagon, the greater your chances of staying ahead of the curve. 

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Even the most basic Marketo plan can cost you anywhere between $900-$1400 per month (depending on the number of features you opt for). For a small and medium-sized business, that is a considerable investment. The last thing you’d want is for that capital to go down the drain simply because you have no skilled resource on deck to Marketo’s comprehensive set of features. This is where opting for a managed Marketo service becomes extremely critical.

In fact, one of the greatest benefits of partnering with managed marketing services is that it is incredibly cost-efficient. When you subscribe to powerful software like Marketo, you also need to recruit a dedicated team to operate the same. But, your expenses will not just be limited to that; apart from hiring, you also need to invest in their training so that they acquire the necessary degree of expertise. Not to mention, the cost of infrastructure. All of these expenses, when assimilated, end up ripping up a substantial hole in your budget, preventing you from attending to other core aspects of your business. On the flip side, when you onboard a managed marketing service, you readily get trained and highly-skilled experts at your disposal. Keeping their standard charges aside, you don’t run the risk of incurring any unexpected costs either.

At Email Uplers, you’ll be able to onboard dedicated Marketo experts in the starting range of $3200-$3400, which, taking your Marketo investment into account will cost you somewhere between $4100-$4800 on a monthly basis. That’s considerably cheaper compared to what you have to pay should you decide to set up an in-house team (the average salary of a Marketo specialist in the US is between $60,000-$70,000).

Now, you have a dedicated team to look after your marketing requirements, your software is being used to the fullest, and your budget is in check too. Don’t pinch yourself; all of these possibilities are very, very real!

Nurture Your Leads Right

Acquiring new leads for your business is only half the job. The remaining half (and the most critical part, many would argue) lies in nurturing them. Lead nurturing is an art in itself, and very few in the world can claim to master it. If done right, it can skyrocket your conversion rate and place your business eons ahead of your competitors. Hence, this task is best entrusted to experts with a proven track record, resources that only a managed marketing service will be able to provide you.

Marketo has a dedicated engagement program which makes it rather convenient for its users to employ complex lead nurturing campaigns. To nurture a lead effectively, you first need to identify where it lies in your sales funnel. This task is carried out effortlessly by the engagement program feature. It monitors the user intent and their behavior to automatically classify them into various segments. For instance, if an individual visits your page for the first time and is browsing through your different offerings, they will be slotted as a top of the funnel lead. On the other hand, if a visitor frequently checks out your pricing plans, they will be identified as a bottom of the funnel leads. Once you have this information at your disposal, it becomes much easier for you to chalk out your content strategy.

Simply put, Marketo’s engagement program lets you take into account the buyer persona of your target audience as well as the preferences of your sales and marketing departments to develop unique nurturing programs. Moreover, the feature also enables you to schedule the intervals at which you want to deliver your content. From selecting a specific day to choosing a particular time slot, the engagement program feature allows you to do it all. 

After your subscribers receive your content, Marketo assigns them an engagement score between 0 and 100. This allocation hinges on several factors like opens, unsubscribes, clicks, and program success. As you’d have probably already realised by now, handling the many nuances of the engagement program feature is no child’s play. Thus, the best course of action is to partner up with a managed Marketo service and let them steer this ship.

Tap Into The Power Of Social Media

Over the last decade, social media platforms have evolved from being places that one used to keep in touch with their loved ones to thriving commercial centers. It is no longer a space where people simply converse and share information; it has become a stage for individuals and businesses alike to ply their trade in front of the masses. 

While email marketing continues to be the go-to channel for businesses when it comes to building customer relationships and carving a brand identity, social media has become an equally vital medium for maximizing one’s reach and visibility.

Marketo gives you the scope of integrating social media into your existing marketing strategy. Subsequently, it gives you a shot at manufacturing potent omnichannel opportunities. Opting for a managed Marketo service will provide you with resources that are proficient at doing so. 

Measure Your Performance Effectively

Striving for continuous improvement is a must for businesses to keep their heads above water. In order to do so, they must invest themselves heavily in managing and measuring their performance. At the end of the day, if you are unable to identify the gaps in your existing plan, you will never be able to address them, right? As a result, your future campaigns will suffer from the same drawbacks.

Marketo’s formidable analytics dashboard lets you analyze your campaigns from all conceivable angles, arming you with a host of actionable insights in the process. Partnering with a managed Marketo service will help you effortlessly fetch the requisite data from the platform’s pre-built dashboards and business intelligence reporting. This will go a long way towards optimizing your marketing program, leading to enhanced subscriber engagement.

Wrapping It Up

The scope of what Marketo brings to the table for your business is exceptionally vast. We hope that the points highlighted above have helped you understand how onboarding a managed Marketo service is a surefire way of getting the most out of this platform and sealing the success of your campaigns.
Email Uplers gives you the choice of onboarding a Marketo Certified Associate of your choice at best industry pricing. Highly skilled and vetted, these experts will align themselves with your business and be all set to join your team in just 5 days. Get in touch today!

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