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Survey Emails as a Tool to Garner Valuable Subscriber Feedback

Surveys are one of the most importance sources of data when it comes to understanding the customers and sending them relevant data. Unless you know wh...

Surveys are one of the most importance sources of data when it comes to understanding the customers and sending them relevant data. Unless you know what kind of content or product recommendations resonate the most with your target audience, your marketing efforts will not be as fruitful as you want it to be. Assuming wouldn’t help. You ought to hear it from the prospect to believe it. So, how should you go about this? Well, survey email is the answer you are looking for.

However, the challenge is to create a survey email that gets you enough responses. It seems to be a trivial task but the design and copy of your survey email determines whether the recipient will respond to it or simply ignore it.

Let’s take a look at the nitty gritties of survey emails that will help you garner valuable feedback with an optimum response rate.

Have a straightforward subject line

Your subject line should clearly convey that it is a survey email and at the same time, entice the subscriber to open the email. It should tap on the emotional instinct and sound empathetic to the recipient.

Take a look at the example by Coursera.


You can also have a subject line that asks a question. Placing a question in the subject line is a great idea to engage the subscribers and survey emails are no different. Here’s an example to inspire you. Also, take a note that the subject line is personalized with the recipient’s name.

Alternatively, you can also highlight an incentive in the subject line to tempt the subscriber to take the survey. Cotton On Kids has drafted a precise subject line that conveys the most important stuff.

It is strongly recommended that you create a sense of urgency in the subject line to yield instant responses to the survey. Country Living Back Porch Club sets a perfect example for the same.

Write a crisp, yet compelling copy

Your email copy should be to-the-point and crisp. Have a short questionnaire that does not have more than four questions. This will not take more than a minute. The Goldilocks approach is to mention the time it will take to complete the survey as it reflects that you value the subscriber’s time.

Here’s a perfect survey email sent by Coursera.

Have an actionable call-to-action

The call-to-action button has a huge impact on the responses received through the survey email. It is quite likely that the subscriber will skim through the copy and read the CTA. Therefore, you should have an easily tappable bulletproof CTA button. As a best practice, have plenty of white space around the button. Choose the right contrasting color that goes well with the brand personality and grabs instant attention.

Email on Acid has a well-designed CTA that is clearly visible to the reader. Moreover, the copy is intelligently drafted to garner more responses.

Send a one-question survey

As your subscriber’s inbox is overloaded with too many emails, you have a tough competition already. Because of this competitive bottleneck, it imperative to make it as convenient as possible to take the survey. Micro-surveys that have a single question in the email get more readers to respond to it and significantly enhance the subscriber engagement.

Multichannel Merchant sends a short and sweet one-question survey through their email. Note how the email CTA and the survey landing page are perfectly in sync with each other.

Include the preview of the survey in the email

Your subscribers are busy people and it is an impediment for them to get redirected to a landing page to know what the survey is all about and respond to it. How about making it simpler by embedding the survey question right in the email like Insurify has done?

Of course, the subscriber will be directed to a landing page to respond to the survey but adding the question in the email surely enhances the click-through rate and response rate to the survey.

Mailchimp is an ESP that allows you to embed a poll and survey right in the email, which is definitely worth giving a shot.

Create a responsive survey email and landing page

Most of your recipients will be using a mobile device to view the email and respond to it. Therefore, it is crucial to design a responsive email and landing page. This will ensure a smooth subscriber experience and increase the likelihood of responding to it.

Include a signature block in the email footer

Receiving an email from a real person like the Customer Success Manager or the Senior Content Manager of a company always makes the subscribers feel special. It is a good practice to add the signature of the concerned professional at the end of the email. This will not only increase the credibility of the email but also bring better response rate for the email.

Wrapping Up

Survey emails, if done right, can help you increase subscriber engagement and boost your business drastically. They can give you valuable details about your subscribers and their preferences.

If you are looking for an ideal survey email, we can help you out.

Just get in touch with us and leave the rest on our experts.

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