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Want To Shower Gratitude On Your Customers? Take A Cue From These Thanksgiving Email Inspirations!

Kick off your Thanksgiving email campaigns by borrowing a trick or two from these sublime templates ...

Quality family time, sumptuous platters of food, and a thrilling game of football on TV- yes, Thanksgiving season is officially here! As families worldwide gear up to shower love and gratitude on their near and dear ones, businesses and brands aren’t far behind either. 

Over the years, Thanksgiving has proven to be an extremely lucrative period of time for businesses of every shape and hue. And with eCommerce sales in the US on Thanksgiving projected to hit a staggering $6.10 billion this year, it’s fair to say that this trend isn’t going to turn on its head anytime soon. 

That said, keep in mind the fact that tapping into this goldmine isn’t easy at all. The Thanksgiving cake has many suitors, and brands eyeing the lion’s share must develop effective engagement strategies to captivate their customers’ imagination (and wallets). So, how can they go about it? Well, as many as 74% of marketers claim that personalized and targeted email campaigns contributed to an increase in their customer engagement. It is fair to assume, then, that the success stories of brands this Thanksgiving are going to be shaped largely by the pedigree of their email marketing campaigns.

Need some inspiration to get started with yours? We’ve got you! Take a look at the following Thanksgiving emails from some of the best in the business to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Sur La Table

Subject line: 🦃 Remember me? Plan the best Thanksgiving ever

An email with a delectable picture of a roast turkey right at the top – could anything scream more Thanksgiving? But this obvious visual cue isn’t the only thing to admire in this Thanksgiving email from Sur La Table. The header copy deserves mention, too; it sets a clear expectation for the readers. The minute they open the email, it tells them what’s in store for them. The layout is neat and minimal and does a fantastic job of showcasing the products in all their beauty and glory. 

2. Alchemy Fine Home

Subject line: The Thanksgiving Look Kim Seybert

Alchemy Fine Home email
Image Source

Using a GIF to showcase your products or services is a pretty ingenious move, and it is even better when you place this GIF above the fold in your email. Alchemy Fine Home has ticked both these checkboxes in this gorgeous Thanksgiving email. Sure, there’s some debate when it comes to using GIFs in emails, but we’re all in favor of them when it comes to holiday emails. Holiday emails are all about capturing the attention of your readers, and a GIF is, any day, way more capable of doing that than a static image or plain text. And when it includes a simple slide show type animation as this example over here, there are fewer things to worry about.

3. Postmates

Subject line: Reminder: $25 Delivery Fee Credit

Postmates email template
Image Source

When your copy is crisp and clever and is accentuated by bold typography, much like in this Thanksgiving email by Postmates, the probability of your email getting noticed shoots up dramatically. What makes this email further compelling is the tone with which its body is written- even though the content is informative, it has been peppered with the right amount of humor and wit, thereby ensuring that readers remain glued to it.

4. Lovepop Cards

Subject line: NEW | Thanksgiving cards & gifts

Lovepop Cards email template
Image Source

Given how greeting cards and gifts dominate the Thanksgiving season, not many are going to look past an email that quite literally has a greeting card shaped in the form of a turkey, are they? Well, no one knew that better than the folks at Lovepop Cards, as is pretty evident from their Thanksgiving email over here. The header of the email comprises a simple GIF that displays their range of Thanksgiving gifts and greeting cards. Upon scrolling down, one discovers the range of products that they have in store for other occasions like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Diwali.


Subject line: While the Turkey Is In the Oven… email template
Image Source

How many of you would associate seafood with Thanksgiving? Sounds quite bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, the marketing team of is here to convince you otherwise. As you can see in their Thanksgiving email over here, they make their case by feeding you a picture of a mouth-watering loin cut salmon fillet. So what if your turkey is still cooking in the oven? Nothing’s stopping you from treating yourself to some delightful smoked salmon in the meanwhile!  Only goes to show that when you’re creative enough, it doesn’t matter if the occasion you want to celebrate is directly related to your services or not; you’ll work in an angle nonetheless. If you’re wondering how many families switched to salmon from turkey after receiving this email from, your guess is as good as ours.

6. Artifact Uprising

Subject line: With Gratitude

Artifact Uprising email template
Image Source

This Thanksgiving email from Artifact Uprising bears testimony to the lasting impact powerful storytelling can have on your audience. Set against a visually aesthetic background image is a heartwarming and thoughtful message that you’d want to save and stash away permanently in your archive. No promotional angle, no CTAs, nothing; just an exquisitely crafted simple note of gratitude. Not many emails you’ll come across would have encapsulated the ethos of Thanksgiving as craftily as Artifact Uprising has done over here.

7. Prime Party

Subject line: A Golden Girls Friendsgiving to Remember

Image Source

When you’re running short of ideas, you can always invoke pop culture to come to your rescue. Pop culture references are a universal language, and using them in your communications makes them instantly relatable to your readers. Over here, Prime Party has taken inspiration from the popular 1985 sitcom “The Golden Girls” to come up with a new concept called “Friendsgiving” for their Thanksgiving email. While the well-written email body sheds light on their idea, the use of vibrant colors in the template design holds the readers’ attention, eventually leading them to peruse through Prime Party’s Thanksgiving offerings.

8. Maisonette

Subject line: Last Chance! Up to 25% Off Thanksgiving Decor

Maisonette email template
Image Source

Thinking of launching a Thanksgiving sale? Borrow a trick or two from this Thanksgiving email by Maisonette. A simple announcement of the sale in the header, followed by a list of the different categories of the products that they have in store. When in doubt, keep things simple; it always works. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the examples highlighted above have given you enough fodder to get cracking on your own Thanksgiving email campaigns. It’s not every day that you get an occasion to express your gratitude to your customers, so make sure that you make this one count!

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