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Top 12 Platforms to Find your Perfect-match Email Developer

How will you hire a perfect email developer for your business? Email Uplers shares top 12 platforms to help you out...

There was a time when business owners barely paid any attention to their email marketing strategy. They only invested in an email marketing manager who took care of conceptualizing an email, writing a copy, and deploying it. Designing and developing emails was a luxury that most businesses did not even consider. 

However, times have changed and businesses are now focusing on creating more impactful emails. This has become all the more important because brands have to stand out in the cluttered inbox and make the subscribers take action. Therefore, companies are compelled to hire an expert developer who can cater to all the email development needs. 

With the advent of advanced CRM tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo Engage, it has become even more important to have specialists who are well-versed with these platforms. You must also know the level of expertise you are looking for.   

For instance:

  • You can go for an experienced email developer if you want to send out intricately designed and coded emails to your subscribers. 
  • If you own a small business or startup, you can recruit a fresher or intermediate-level email developer. 
  • If your needs are varied and you have to send too many emails every week, it is a good idea to outsource your requirements to an email marketing agency like Email Uplers. 

Recruiting the right talent is generally the most daunting task for every business owner. An email developer is no exception. There are so many aspects that need to be considered while hiring an email developer. 

i. They must have a knack to learn new technologies and stay abreast with the coding advancements. 

ii. They must be able to work under pressure and deliver the job on tight deadlines.

iii. The email developer should be good at testing and troubleshooting any coding issues. 

iv. They must be well aware of integrating the email into different ESPs or CRM tools. 

To make things easier for you, we are here with top hiring platforms that can be used to find the perfect email developer.


Being the #1 job site in the world with more than 25 crore unique visitors each month, Indeed is a great platform for employers who are looking for an email developer. You will get access to email developer resumes along with the average salary packages that exist in the current marketplace. is operational in countries like Argentina, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the USA, the UK, France and New Zealand to name a few. You only need to sign up as an employer and post all the details regarding the job opening. You can choose the location and country of your choice. They also give you an option to select whether it is a remote opportunity. If you are looking for more than one email developer, you can mention that too. You will receive the number of applications, accordingly. It is free for everyone, that’s another plus point. According to the location, you can change the URL. For example: will help you to find employees in the UK. 

2. Glassdoor

I am sure you must have heard this name several times in your day-to-day life. They post a lot of advertisements too, on LinkedIn and Facebook. To post a job requirement on Glassdoor, you must sign up with a work email address. Just like, it allows you to post the job requirement with all the specifications. Although the free version gives you a number of benefits, the premium employer profile can unlock hidden insights. This information will help you in enhancing your brand presence and get more applications of expert email developers. 

3. SimplyHired

Simplyhired is a unique job portal through which you can add your job requirement for free and then pay when you are ready to proceed with an applicant. They operate on a ‘pay-per-contact’ model. According to this, you review the applications and resume. You only have to pay if you want to know the applicant’s contact information. Pricing starts at just $9.99 per candidate reveal. It varies according to the job title, industry, and market competitiveness. The best part is that you do not have to sign up for any subscription or contracts. You have to pay only when you qualify a candidate and want the contact information. 

The job post will appear on more than 100 job boards like and SimplyHired. Once you post your requirement for an email developer and it gets approved, you will start receiving applications in a few hours.  

4. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters provides you access to a team of experienced recruitment marketing experts who facilitate defining an advertising strategy, automating distribution to the right sources, and optimizing the quality and spend in real time. 
You can:

  • Assess hiring priorities
  • Audit past results
  • Allocate job ad slots
  • Monitor the performance 
  • Get access to monthly reports and reviews

SmartRecruiters supports all the popular job boards available in the global marketplace. This platform has gained immense popularity because it helps to automate the spend adjustments according to the changes in your talent pipeline. For example: If you have enough applications of email developers in the interview or offer stage, ads will be paused. 

5. is a premium portal for employers who are looking for the best candidate. It comes with a 4-day free trial for new subscribers. The pricing structure varies according to the plan you want to go for and the location. For example: The starter pack costs $279 per month and allows you to post 1 active job. You will get unlimited applicants and searches. However, you can view only 50 resumes. If you need to post more active jobs, you might need to buy the standard, premium, or enterprise version. With, you even get access to more than 2000 pre-written job descriptions. If you choose the Standard and Premium plan, you can even contact the potential email developers directly through text or emails.

6. Lensa

Lensa is another unique job platform to reach out to the best email developers in the world. This recruitment platform is quite different from the others. It helps employers and job seekers connect to help facilitate meaningful conversations in real time. It offers a wide pool of candidates from different industries like engineering, marketing, design, etc. Lensa also has a new matching product called Instamatch which instantly matches and connects hiring companies with active, qualified, and interested candidates so that your recruiters can have immediate hiring conversations. All you have to do is post the job listing on Lensa (for reference, check this job listing by Quantum 3 Media) and it will match you to all the potential candidates who are looking for the same job role.

7. ZipRecruiter

If you want to reach out to the best email developers in the world, ZipRecruiter is one of the perfect platforms for you. It is the #1 job-seeker app in the US and it allows you to get in touch with millions of job seekers. Once you post a job on ZipRecruiter, it will go live on 100+ job portals. They also have customizable templates that help employers write their own job descriptions. It also has a powerful matching technology that can go through all the email developer resumes and find the right match for your job. Subsequently, the tool will send them an invitation to apply. The dashboard helps you to rate your candidates and sort them out. The tool will then review your ratings and send you applications like the ones you chose. 

These six platforms are the most extensively used hiring portals for full-time email developers. 

In case you are looking for freelance email developers or outsourcing to an agency, here are some more platforms to help you out:

1. Fiverr

For small businesses and startups that have smaller email development projects or jobs, Fiverr is the most suitable freelance platform. It is an affordable option as most of the gigs are available at $5. Additional services can be included in the basic gig by paying a nominal amount. You will be able to see the reviews and ratings received by each freelance email developer. It is a free portal that makes it extremely cost-effective to use even if you have budget constraints.

2. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour (PPH) is a great freelance portal that gives you three options. You can browse through the “Hourlies”. These are fixed offers that help you to start working with a freelancer instantly. Next, you can post an email development job and wait for email developers to pitch in with their proposals. The third option gives you the liberty to browse through their directory of freelance email developers and get in touch with them directly. 

It is safe to use for both freelancers as well as employers as the payment is saved in PPH escrow. It works like a middle man. In case the client is not satisfied with the work, they can get the money back. Just make sure that you are working with the freelancer directly through PPH and not communicating outside. 

3. Upwork

I think Upwork is one of the oldest freelancing platforms. Like PPH, Upwork also ensures the safety of both the freelancer as well as the employer. Right from posting the job to hiring process to payment, Upwork imparts a smooth experience to anyone who is looking for a freelancer. 

Just describe your email development job and potential developers will start sending in their proposals. You will get access to a huge database of email developers who are open to work. The only downside is that you might have to wait for some time till you get bids coming your way. 

4. Freelancer

Like the platforms described above, Freelancer also lets you post your job requirement and receive bids from all the potential email developers. The only problem is that they charge 10% fee in addition to the charges for upgrades. Although you get access to a huge database of email developers, they might lack the expertise you need, in some cases. 

Now, imagine you are in a fix because the most reliable email developer in your organization has suddenly moved out to greener pastures. Of course, you cannot stall your email operations and business must go on. 
In such instances, you might not have time to go on any hiring or freelance portals to look for the right candidate. Even otherwise, it can get pretty exhausting to sign up on these portals and search for the kind of talent you need. 
That’s when you can get in touch with a platform like Email Uplers to hire a dedicated email developer for your email production needs in just 5 days. 

Here’s how it works.

Email Uplers

Email Uplers is an email marketing agency that offers a plethora of services ranging from email design, development, automation, to entire campaign management. With a dedicated developer model in place, you can hire a vetted, expert email developer/ developers according to your needs – either on a part time basis or full time. You can scale the team up or down according to your requirements. There is no long-term contract or subscription that you have to sign up for. For large organizations that have a huge volume of emails to churn out every week, this model works the best. 
Being the largest email template production company, Email Uplers brings you seasoned professionals who can deliver flawless email templates to you in the fastest turnaround time. In case you are facing a resource crunch, you can even hire a developer for ad-hoc email development tasks. In addition, Email Uplers has certified experts who are well-versed with Klaviyo, Marketo, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Email Uplers also caters to businesses who want to outsource their entire email development to an agency.  

Besides these  11 platforms, there is one more platform that deserves a special mention in this list. 
It is one of my favorite platforms! Can you guess?

Yes, it is LinkedIn. 

On LinkedIn, you can post a job requirement to hire an email developer and add a “Hiring” badge to your profile picture to let job seekers know that you are looking for them. You can add a detailed job description to let the prospective employees know what exactly are you looking for in the email developer. 

Besides, you can also add a LinkedIn post on your profile with hashtags like #hiring, #hiringemaildevelopers, #emaildeveloperjobs, etc. Your inbox will literally be flooded with resumes; trust me on that.

You can even use Facebook and Instagram to reach out to email developers in your family or friend circle but these platforms are obviously not that effective. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, I just wish to emphasize on the fact that you must scan every application carefully, so that you do not end up hiring the wrong employee who does not fit your email development needs. Make sure your job listing is as detailed as possible, otherwise it will waste a lot of time for both parties. A technical round of interview that tests coding expertise of the email developer is of utmost importance to make sure you hire the right fit.

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