What is Accordion in email

With accordions, you can stack up the content and send out more verbose emails without actually making recipients to scroll.

Moreover, you can smartly show different email layouts to desktop and mobile recipients so that the email might be longer when viewed on desktop, but automatically converts to smart accordion when viewed on mobile phones.

With accordion, marketers can measure the clicks on the tabs and identify the area that draws the maximum visibility. Marketers can also choose to progressive disclose information to enhance engagement.


Accordion has mobile native app support whereas Desktop email clients will show full fallback content. Accordion is not supported in Windows mobile.


  • Retailers can show multiple products with different information clubbed in an accordion.
  • Media and technology companies can show various navigation options and use an accordion beneath each of these menus to further smarten their emails.
  • Accordion is an ideal way to send a feedback email with a questionnaire in the form of an accordion.
  • Any industry can use an accordion in emails for providing smart categorization.

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