What is flip & scratch in email

Have you been sending those coupons to your loyal customers? Or product recommendations? If yes, you must introduce the scratch and flip effect in your emails.

With HTML flip, you can cut down on lengthy content paragraphs and flip flop cards to showcase two sides with different information.

With scratch effect, you could send out coupons, offers, and other discount codes. A little drama helps to enhance engagement. Your recipients can scratch the code and redeem the offer. You can also use a scratch effect to launch a new product or show a news in a progressive manner.

COMPATIBILITY of flip effect in email

Flip and scratch effect have mobile native app support. Apple Mail and Thunderbird will support flip and scratch on hover whereas other desktop email clients will show full fallback contents. HTML5 flipping effect will have no support in Windows mobile.


  • Ecommerce businesses can send out emails with scratch coupon codes and also flip flop product display and information.
  • Companies that want to share eBooks or other content can share a part of the content in email using flip on hover where they can turn the page and check the excerpts.
  • Research companies can provide stats along with brief about the research through flip effect.
  • Tourism companies can share pictures of amazing destinations with related package details using flip.

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