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10 Email Design Blogs You Must Follow

Here are 10 email design blogs you should bookmark to stay up to date with design trends and tips and tricks. Read on....

Every now and then, you need to hit refresh on your email marketing strategy. A key part of that is getting a fresh view of your email design. What better way to learn than from the experts in the industry?

Here, we have curated a list of top 10 blogs offering insightful content and plenty of inspiration with email marketing templates. Most of them also offer their specialized services in template creation, builders, integration solutions, strategy, and other aspects of email marketing. 

We have earmarked these blogs primarily for the kind of content they offer around the topic of email design and the way they have presented it. We have also tried to summarize the overall value of the blogs with their unique offerings.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these leading email design blogs (in no particular order) talking their walk with flair.   

1. Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is essentially a curated collection of over 8000 templates offering inspiration in both design and code. The repository is segmented and can be searched based on categories (both larger purpose and precise email marketing campaign strategy). 

Each email’s pros and cons are broken down based on functional and template aspects, including accessibility, mobile optimization, and viewability across email clients. You can save the emails and view the code—the access to stellar email samples can’t get better!

Their blog also has a good selection of articles. (Do read up on their recommended “Email Design Trends for 2021.”) The Really Good Feedback section, AKA Feedback Friday Videos, can also be looked up for ideas and best practices on email marketing campaigns.  

2. Venngage

Venngage is a professional design technology platform hosting thousands of templates across categories of communication use. Its blog is a part of its learning resources, covering ebooks and scheduled webinars/daily courses that you can sign up for. While its specialization and related content marketing focus is on professional infographic templates, its blogs on email design offer deep focus. 

Most of the pieces are long-form reads, and we love that the content is addressed to beginners, too. They are neatly sectioned for easy reading, with relevant videos and images plugged in. The remarkably mobile-friendly text is a design aspect that caught our eye, as did the helpful CTAs interspersed throughout. You can click through to access the relevant parts of their template library, some of which are accessible with just a sign-up. 

Some of their recent blogs that you should catch up on are “The Ultimate Email Design Guide for 2021 (Best Practices & Examples)” and “65+ Engaging Email Newsletter Templates and Design Tips.”

3. Emma

Emma (part of the CM Group of brands, counting popular global tech platform Campaign Monitor in its stable) pitches itself as “your best friend email marketing.” The tone of its blog is definitely friendly. This section has quite a few things going on, offering in-depth content across “streams.” Their email marketing pieces, covering design, content, and strategy, specifically address sectors such as restaurants, fitness, and higher education.

You can check out their most recent learnings offered to email marketers with “Emails we love: Pride Edition” and “7 Restaurant email designs to boost your campaigns.”

4. Litmus

This platform claims to make email marketing better, and its blog resources do live up to that promise. It addresses some very niche topics and queries on the function across categories and in varying lengths. The “Tips & Resources” section, in particular, is very accessible and detail-rich. Read up on “Web Fonts: How to Make Them Work Perfectly in Email” and “How to Create an “Add to Calendar” Link for Your Emails” among the most recent offerings.

Litmus’s archive of email design podcasts is worth checking out. It also hosts a repository of free, easy-to-use HTML templates across use categories. With its other comprehensive collections of resources, including ebooks, webinars, and a community space, this platform sure passes the litmus test (pun intended) in being a have-to-follow resource for email marketers and designers in particular.

5. NeverBounce

This blog offers a wide range of content on different aspects of email marketing. The reads are quite bite-sized and make for easy consumption. They are also tagged under allied topics like “Content Marketing” and “Customer Journey.” There’s quite some meat for email designers here.

Some of their featured content that you can catch up on: “14 Email Marketing Designs Worth Testing in 2020,” “Email Header Design Tips,” and “Best Ecommerce Email Templates for 2020.”

6. MailerLite

MailerLite defines its philosophy as providing a simpler version of particular things in marketing. While their email design blog is content-rich, the site and the presentation of the content live up to this mantra. 

They offer plenty of resources from a vast Knowledge Base and email marketing guides and playbooks by industry to webinars and an exclusive Academy with free courses on sign-up. The repository of newsletter templates, too, offers plenty of inspiration. 

Their most recent blogs have a very engaging framework and address very precise design aspects for email marketers, both established and beginners. Do check out “How to use background images in email campaigns the right way,” “7 ways to get the most out of your responsive email design,” and “Sizzlin’ hot summer newsletter ideas for 2021.”

7. GetResponse

We are just going on the record, again, that this list is in no particular order—for, GetResponse, as most email marketers would know, is a widely looked-up and cited source on all things email marketing.

Their blog has quite a few evergreen pieces covering critical aspects of email design. They make for comprehensive, to-the-point reads rounded off with helpful pointers and additional readings. Their content for inspiration, in particular, offers plenty of food for thought. The best feature of the site is the search functionality. It comes in handy if you’re looking for something particular, as their library is pretty exhaustive. 

You can read or listen (to real narrators) to GetResponse’s blogs. Tune into their insights on “Email Design Best Practices for 2021,” “6 Tips on How to Design a Perfect Webinar Invitation Email,” and “How to Overcome Responsive Email Design Stumbling Blocks.”

8. Knak

Knak’s blog site is filled with content pieces across categories related to email marketing and email design (apart from other related functions). Most of their blogs speak directly to the reader with questions and an engaging tone. Some of them have helpful little pointers or “Best Practices.” There’s something for everybody.

Read some of their latest content on unique aspects of email design (a separate tag on this platform), including “7 UX Strategies for Great Email Design” and “Five Email Design Trends to Watch in 2021.” We love the expansive layout of the content; the frills-free and large-sized text make for easy reading. Do look out for the ‘Get Design Tips’ CTA button to sign up for their newsletter.

9. Email on Acid

This blog would particularly appeal to the Gen-Z with its mod design and smart cultural references. It offers an extensive overview of some of the most current buzzwords in email marketing. Its “Email Development” category of articles covers everything from basic pointers and introduction to the systems involved (Check out “Auditing Your Email Design System”) to “How to” pieces that integrate complete and clear workarounds for email marketers.

Do look up some of their latest blogs from 2021 for some snappy, well-laid-out content: “Email Marketing Design: Get Great Ideas from B2C Brands” and “How Popular is Dark Mode Usage for HTML Emails?” You should also check out their Vlog, Splat Chat, hosted on YouTube.

10. Email Uplers

Last but not least, do check out our own blog! Whether it’s our email inspiration or unique insights across email marketing use cases and industries, we have got you covered with our in-depth but simplified content. 

As with our email marketing solutions, we aim to get the message across without complicating things. You will surely appreciate our email design blogs that cover a whole range of email design aspects. The carefully selected email samples and statistics will definitely be helpful, too.

We are happy to keep refreshing our email design wisdom. Our latest content offerings, the listicles, in particular, are comprehensive, dishing up plenty of unique tips and tricks (“15 Tactics To Create Innovative GIFs: A Cheat Sheet For Email Geeks”, “Email Design Best practices”, “In the Limelight- Dark Mode in Emails”, “Email Design Trends 2021”.)

Wrapping Up

So, those were our top 10 picks for email design blogs if you are an email marketer looking for the most current and pinging trends. Bookmark these sites, and do subscribe to their newsletters to get your email design up-to-the-mark and reach your customers better.

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