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Why Small Businesses Should Hire Dedicated Email Developers

Do you send out marketing emails regularly? Marketing emails with appealing and responsive designs can be a money-spinner for businesses. It is estima...

Do you send out marketing emails regularly? Marketing emails with appealing and responsive designs can be a money-spinner for businesses. It is estimated that over 81% of small businesses rely on email marketing for customer acquisitions and 80% of them rely on it for retention. Moreover, email marketing continues to deliver strong ROI for businesses, with $42 gain per dollar. The importance of email marketing is perennial and is quite apparent in recent reports.

email marketing is perennial
Source: DMA Insight: Marketer email tracking study 2019

As the above study suggests, integrating videos, images, and rich-text is a vital priority to set for marketers. In 2019, Campaign Monitor released an important study for marketers. The study reveals that HTML emails, with increased attention to mobile rendering and responsive designs, deliver better results for marketers. Furthermore, the study also reveals that when it comes to analytics, HTML emails are essential for marketers as, without the HTML plugin, marketers would not be able to track the performance of the email. 

However, HTML emails with their rich images, interactivity, and capabilities like video integration require technical capabilities. This is one of the key reasons why your business will need to hire email developers. Apart from their ability to create awesome emails, email developers also help with regulation compliance.

Engaging in bulk email messaging can result in regulatory trouble for organizations, if not done correctly. So, hiring an email developer is essential for the success and regulatory compliance of your marketing campaigns. This is also why hiring one without the complete know-how can prove to be expensive.

Why every small business should hire email developers 

Email marketing represents many technical challenges that directly impact the deliverability of marketing emails. As mentioned earlier, mobile rendering remained a key challenge in the marketing sphere earlier, despite the growing share of mobiles in the digital world.

Moreover, various different platforms like Gmail, Apple Mail, AOL, Outlook represent various compatibility issues. For example, Microsoft has switched to Word as its basic coder for Outlook emails. This requires email developers to code on a platform from the last century, creating the most innovative experiences for marketing. On the other hand, Apple Mail, the most widely used email client in the US (44%) auto-scales responsive emails in iOS 10 and 11. This can distort images to make them appear zoomed out or off-centered.

Moreover, when you download email templates from email clients, these are often simple PSD files. These are ideal in their generic value to everyone. And if you are looking to create a pixel-perfect experience for your viewers, these will hardly yield substantial gains for your business. Email developers can help you manage all these challenges.

The Cost of Hiring In-House Developers

In-house email developers can mean significant upfront and on-going investments. Despite the traditional preference for email marketing, costs continue to remain a major concern for small businesses. According to The Relevancy Group’s Survey, 45% of email marketers are concerned with the cost of services and the cost of application.

For example, according to, a US job portal, hiring an email developer on average costs about $65,000 per year in the US. Moreover, hiring average in-house developers may not meet your marketing goals of delivering flawless emails. This is due to the fact that the skillset of email developers varies widely depending on their experience. Email developers with 1 year of experience can render email beautifully for all different clients. However, he or she will most likely possess basic knowledge of important software like Adobe Creative Suite. On the other hand, email developers with over 3 years of experience can render emails beautifully with a keen eye, plus use tools like InVision, Sketch, Figma, and Zaplin. Moreover, working on a successful email campaign also requires various other skillsets in a marketing team. These include copy-writing, HTML coding, graphic design, analyzing metrics, data administration, and A/B testing.

While in-house developers will bring in several advantages too, their key advantages remain limited to direct control over your creative output, strategic goal-alignment, and regular marketing campaigns. Despite the widespread deployment, bottom-line issues like costs, and top-of-the-line deliverability are not core benefits of in-house marketing campaigns.

Now, if you hire an in-house email developer, you will need to train the new resource on various advanced tools consistently. Moreover, you will also need to guide these resources regularly to achieve appealing email template production.

Do you have the time, skills, and patience required for this gigantic task? Would it not be easier to outsource this demand and establish your brand presence? On the other hand, a dedicated email developer would stay updated with the latest advancements.

Why Outsourcing Email Marketing can be a good idea

In the midst of growing competition for a bigger share of the online marketing pie, and huge uncertainties in costs, small businesses should consider deploying a third-party dedicated email resource. The highest demand for third-party email marketing comes from special projects. Over 20% of the total third-party email development is in the form of special projects, migrations, and template redesigns. Moreover, despite tremendous ROI for marketing, many small businesses do not meet the expected targets for their campaigns. Below is an overview that explains some major obstacles in email marketing campaigns.

Outsourcing Email Marketing
Source: DMA Insight: Marketer email tracking study 2019

As seen above, despite the proven ROI of email marketing, challenges like limited budget and internal resources, remains a major concern for businesses. Outsourcing email development promises to solve key issues like lack of technical skills, senior support, outdated in-house technology, inefficient internal processes, and poor interdepartmental communication.

Wrap Up

While it all depends on your email development needs – whether you send regular emails to your subscribers or just a few – hiring a remote email developer seems to be a good bet. The trained dedicated developers at Uplers can help you with creating awesome emails. Are you planning to hire a dedicated resource for your email development? Click here. 

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