What is Menu in email

With right kind of menu navigation, users can actually surf across various products or service categories right within their inbox. What makes this element a Rockstar is that it helps to keep the email short and concise, which especially works for the mobile view.

COMPATIBILITY of interactive menu

Menus will have mobile native app support whereas Desktop email clients will show fallback content. These effects will not be supported in Windows mobile.

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APPLICATIONS of Dropdown menu

  • Ecommerce companies can use a email menu for new product launches, recommendations, and cross selling.
  • Technology websites can have more tabbed information sharing within their newsletters or promotional services emails.
  • News and media websites that want to share a huge piece of information, can stack it up into various menus.
  • Travel and hospitality industry can share various tour options with their prospects or customers using collapsible menu in email.
  • Manufacturing companies can share processes with their stakeholders through a dropdown menu in email.

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