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5 Email Designing Hacks That Will Help You Build a Brand

Read on for email designing hacks that will help you up your email engagement...

Creating an email is one thing, but having people read one top to bottom is different. Read on to catch some email designing hacks that will make your audience engage and fall in love with your brand! Smart subject lines, witty colors, and email videos are just some of the hacks that will up your emailing game for sure. 

1. Include emojis in your subject line

There are a lot of people out there focusing on choosing the right pictures for their emails and creating content that sells. And that is great. But there is one thing that most of them forget to do – and that is save some time for subject writing. 

I know you might think it is just a plain line, but in fact, it is not. Your subject line is the God that decides whether or not your email is worth reading. If you do not engage your reader from the subject, you’ve spent 2 hours crafting a prize-worthy email for nothing. No one will read it. 

So, to make sure that you do not waste precious time and selling opportunities, make sure that you devote yourself to subject writing. This article will teach you everything you need to know about making the subject line appealing. 

It does not stop here. Writing a magnificent subject line will not do. To make sure that you catch your reader’s attention, you must also include emojis. They are easy ways to make sure that people will find a reason to open your email. 

Important as they are, there is one thing that you should keep in mind when adding emojis. Please do not overdo it. 3 emojis are more than enough, although I would stick to 1-2. Using just a few emojis will be enough to catch people’s attention but not too much to defocus from the subject of the email. 

2. Incorporate catchy email videos

If you were smart enough about your subject line, your users have now opened the email. And what do you think will catch their attention now? Do you think it’s the first paragraph? Nope. It’s the visuals that you use! 

Of course, choosing appealing images is important, they are the ones that will keep your audience engaged and ready to read the headlines and then text. But what if you could do more than just include a nice image? 

Listen closely, email videos are the next big thing. With Reels and TikTok on the rise, smart brands have users hungry for video content. This is a plus you must include. Here are the email clients that support playing video:

  • Apple Mail
  • Outlook on Mac
  • iOS Mail
  • Samsung Mail

But what about other clients? How will you incorporate a video in that case? What you can do is use a static image with a play button. All you have to do is link the image to where the video is hosted (let’s say your website or YouTube) and there you go!

3. Use colors wisely 

Let’s now dive deeper into color usage and picking the perfect images! Do not just add pictures that seem interesting. Always think about what you are trying to convey, about what you want your readers to feel. Do you want them to be excited about a sale? Use bright red! Do you want them to feel the calmness of the seaside? Use light blue! 

Color is so much more than a plain splash. Colors evoke feelings and people act or not based on their feelings. This means that choosing the right color palette for your email might be that deciding factor that makes your readers access your sales link or not, make a purchase or not. 

Now let’s try and dive deeper into color psychology. We’ve already stated that red pairs with bold, passionate, energetic, and powerful. Yellow, on the other hand, makes people think about the warmth of the sun, summer holidays, which are connected with happiness, friendship, and imagination. Light blue makes us think about the infinite sky, and this is why it’s thought to be the most calming of the spectrum. It comes to represent security, stability, and harmony, with its darker shades representing confidence and stability. Green symbolizes nature, strength and is all about spring and revival. 

Metal textures are powerful, evoke youth and strength, and are best used with fashion brands or design companies that are into the industrial style. 

4. Use a responsive design 

This is one of those email designing hacks that you must take into consideration: do not forget about mobile! You might think that this is just another piece of advice, but in fact, not using a responsive design will cost you a lot. 

This is because more and more people are checking their email via mobile. If your design is not responsive, they will see an unattractive, unappealing, and incoherent email. This will not only fail to deliver a message, but also make your audience think you are unprofessional and you do not want to associate that with your brand. 

5. Design an email signature

When it comes to email marketing, you must make everything as personal as possible. Make sure that you have the name of the user in the subject line as much as possible and use a friendly tone in your copy. 

Readers must feel as if you are having a conversation, so they then go buy that tanning product, concert ticket, or school bag. 

One of the greatest email designing hacks for personal emails is including a signature at the end of the copy. This will give readers the impression that they know you and will build confidence around the brand. A good email signature is comprised of more than just a name, you should include: 

  • First and last name
  • Contact information
  • Job Title 
  • Company Name
  • Social media links (e.g. LinkedIn profile)
  • Photo


Now that you know all these email designing hacks, it’s high time that you started creating an email that sells and engages the audience. Remember to keep the subject witty, include videos, and resort to color psychology to help your readers fall in love with your brand! 

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