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Looking To Hire A Mailchimp Expert? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re taking the Mailchimp route, hiring a specialist is your best bet. Read on for top tips to get the best experts on board...

So, you have decided to hire a Mailchimp expert to ramp up your email marketing strategy? With over 12 million customers turning to the popular marketing automation platform for their email needs alone, we’d say this is a great bandwagon to jump onto in 2021.

You may be doing this for a variety of reasons. It could be, for instance, for more seamless integrations and campaign management. Or, you might be seeking smooth automation so you can focus on other aspects of your email marketing game. You might also be a longtime adopter of this all-in-one marketing platform who’s looking solely for the development of high-quality, compatible email templates. 

So, to begin with, identify your objectives and goals for taking to this much-coveted marketing platform.

Marking And Mapping Mailchimp Expertise

Mailchimp migration can be best achieved by hiring a professional or an entire team of specialists. To optimize the expertise, there are certain qualifications and know-how you must keep an eye out for. By checking the following lists off (based on the kind of Mailchimp expert you are looking for) against the experts’ profiles, you’ll definitely stand a better chance of success with this uber-efficient integrated marketing tool.

We are also listing a few points that you, as the hiring brand or agency, must bear in mind and take the lead in actualizing.

Mailchimp Template Developer

# Things They Must Be Good At

  • Well-versed with design elements to create effective templates. Hierarchy/prominence of different content elements, contextual use of CTAs, and color theory are some of the things they must be good at juggling.
  • Willing to take inspiration from different sources. Whether it is from specific designers’ output or curated collections, an awareness of trends is important to constantly improve and, more importantly, eliminate any accidental plagiarism.
  • Ability to customize copy to particular needs. The campaign goals and the audience should always dictate the content’s form and tone.
  • Detailing and optimizing layout hierarchy. They must be able to take a call on the what and how of CTAs, the text formatting, image placement, and organization of the email header, body, CTA, and email footer.
  • Optimizing layouts for varied email clients and proficiency in HTML as well as Mailchimp’s email template languages.
  • Conversant with professional tools, apart from the built-in editor, to augment template quality at every turn. These would include Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, etc.

    # The Checklist For You

  • Figure out the end goals for each campaign and individual email. Know what your audience is interested in receiving in their inbox and map your overarching template strategy accordingly.
  • Segment your subscriber lists for more precise targeting.
  • Identify the kind of campaign (welcoming, automation, seasonal, etc.) you need to execute. Also, take a call between regular and trigger-based campaigns.

    Mailchimp Campaign Manager

    # Things They Must Be Good At

  • Defining and augmenting the audience. A knowledge to leverage Mailchimp’s sign-up forms and unique fields will stand them in good stead.
  • Charting and optimizing the campaign strategy to be audience-targeted by curating the latest trends and best practices. It is important to honor and reward subscribers frequently, apart from actively injecting the brand personality.
  • Deciding the most optimal frequency and timing of campaigns. They will have to make a schedule and stick to it with a content calendar and organized folders that can easily be imported into Mailchimp.
  • Be proficient in executing A/B testing across email clients and ISPs. According to research by Mailchimp’s data science team, the use of A/B or multivariate testing for campaigns, with revenue as the test metric, augments revenue by 20% for ecommerce businesses in comparison to a standard campaign.

    # The Checklist For You

  • Ensure compliance with Mailchimp’s terms of use to avoid spam filters and firewalls.
  • Chart the roadmap for measurement of campaign performance.
  • Design the testing strategy.
  • Ensure your campaigns connect with the intended audience. Mailchimp’s automation features are key in this regard to execute precisely targeted campaigns.

    Mailchimp Automation Expert

    # Things They Must Be Good At

    • Setting up complex workflows. They have to be familiar with the different automation series offered by Mailchimp and be capable of customizing them from scratch to align with unique business needs.
    • Complete knowledge of the many classic automation types that Mailchimp offers with built-in triggers for common activities. This would include the know-how to halt or edit the settings of an active automation.
    • Adept at setting up triggers based on the audience, the individual campaign objectives, and overall marketing goals.
    • Ability to review workflow progress and pivot, including setting up the appropriate delays and queues.
    • Measuring the automation strategy’s performance by tracking the Campaigns page in your Mailchimp account. This will provide an overview of each classic automation executed, including the sending status and performance trends.

      # The Checklist For You

    • Set your goals for automation. If you’re building a drip campaign, be specific about what actions you want people to take in order to design triggers perfectly.
    • Define and communicate the roles of team members that are involved or that may change when initiating the automation.
    • Visualize the workflow you want to achieve in a cogent and clear format. Putting it down as a visual representation is sure to help.

      Mailchimp Data Integration And Migration Specialist

      # Things They Must Be Good At

      • Know-how to access Mailchimp’s suite of ecommerce features, such as abandoned cart and product retargeting emails, promo codes, etc.
      • Expertise to use synced data in varied ways. For example, integrating data-driven, personalized recommendations in email marketing campaigns, using pre-built ecommerce segments to target different customer bases, and turning on tracking for campaigns and automations to record customer actions and measure ROI.
      • Ability to connect custom coded websites with the marketing platform. In cases where your platform isn’t listed among the 250-plus available integrations, the expert would need to add Mailchimp’s site code to your website’s HTML. You can then use pop-up forms and Google remarketing ads, albeit this method doesn’t provide support for Mailchimp’s native ecommerce tools. 

      # The Checklist For You

      • Devise an overall strategy to leverage the most relevant Mailchimp integrations for your campaign tracking and metric measurement.
      • Map and identify scenarios to leverage the Mailchimp marketing API and drive effective campaign management and analytics.

      Some Tips to Hire The Best Mailchimp Experts 

      1. Pinpoint the why and how of your felt need for a Mailchimp expert. In other words, what are the marketing goals you hope to actualize by leveraging the platform’s features and roping in the specialist(s)?
      2. Identify the possible sources for hiring the expert. Do you want to onboard an in-house team member, or would an offshore expert be best for your specific needs? Each option has its unique pros and cons, including flexibility, accessibility, and costs involved. So, choose wisely.
      3. Fix your budget. Depending on whether you choose an offshore expert or a fulltime specialist, the cost for each position would vary.
      4. Shortlist the best profiles by checking off the above-listed qualifications and competencies. Both outsourcing platforms and job portals will offer you a  plethora of candidates. A well-designed recruitment process, including professional tests and multiple interview rounds, will help you narrow down the pool.
      5. Identify the soft skills that your Mailchimp expert should bring to the table and evaluate their profiles against these. Some essential non-technical competencies would be effective communication, organized and methodical project management, time management, and ability to multitask.

      Wrapping Up

      So, there you have it! We hope the above pro tips will enable your leap of faith in making Mailchimp your partner of choice to consolidate your email marketing strategy. Remember, you only stand to gain by leaning on specialists to smoothen out this process of migration. Save time, boost your bottomline, and, most importantly, connect better with your customers!

      Want help to automate, migrate, and integrate with Mailchimp? Hire our experts.  

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