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Usher 2024 in Style With These Pitch-perfect New Year Email Inspirations!

Looking to craft an impeccable New Year’s email campaign? Draw inspiration from these pitch-perfect examples! ...

Unassumingly yet ever-so-definitively, as 2023 strides toward 2024, it fills brands with a brimming zeal to register one last hurrah for themselves during the run-up to this transition. And they very well understand that few mediums will allow them to realize this objective as satisfactorily as email. Understandably, then, email marketers have their tasks cut out during this time of the year. As people across the globe gear up to welcome the new year in their own, inimitable ways, it is your email campaigns that will decide if they flock to you for their inventory, irrespective of what disposition their preparations might be. 

Looking for some inspiration to craft the perfect New Year email marketing campaigns? You’re at just the right place. In this blog, we dissect a host of enthralling New Year email campaigns by some of the top brands out there; to get your creative gears whirring is our aim! Curiosity swelling? We don’t have any plans to keep you waiting either; dive right in!

1. Cheers

Subject line: Get Cheers for New Years (LAST DAY!) 🍾

Having your important message emblazoned right across your hero section, just like Cheers have done over here, is a tactic that we wholeheartedly approve of. Why? Because it ensures that the subscriber receives it the minute they open the email. In this particular example, since the message is of an urgent nature, the probability of the reader spurring into action increases. 

The imagery in the hero section warrants a mention, too- here, Cheers have very cleverly woven their own offerings into the occasion at hand. The individuals in the picture are sporting both, their New Year drinks, as is customary, as well as Cheers’ alcohol-related health offerings and their glee is none the worse for it! 

As you scroll further, you come across a few of their products being showcased; to keep confusion at bay, they’ve been distinctly color-coded. A similar strategy has been employed in the email footer as well while highlighting the social media and other important links, wherein each has been enclosed in a rectangle sporting a different hue of blue. The unsubscribe link is also clearly visible right at the very bottom of the email. 

2. CITY Boots

Subject line: Name a more fun cowboy boots brand…

Given that New Year’s is a high email traffic period, getting subscribers to engage with your email campaigns can get pretty challenging. A surefire way of capturing their attention involves making artful use of GIFs. And if you are looking for ideas on that front, look no further than this New Year email from CITY Boots. 

As a brand, you are continuously looking for ways to subtly remind your customers about the value you add to their lives. And this sentiment touches its peak towards the end of the year, when everyone, understandably, wishes to reflect upon their journey with their patrons. 

CITY Boots, here, has chosen to curate a heart-warming GIF to encapsulate this journey. Through this looped video, while the brand has successfully managed to represent how their offerings have become an integral part of their shoppers’ jolly moments, the messaging is never on your face for even a fleeting moment; this is precisely what makes it so endearing. The GIF is followed up by a genial copy, which further reinforces the charm of the email. Options for contacting the brand have been clearly mentioned, too. Additionally, their Instagram handle has been highlighted in the email footer.

3. GO Outdoors

Subject line: Start Your New Year Adventure Here

Go-Outdoors- New year email

The first thing that immediately stands out about GO Outdoors’ New Year’s email is the photo collage in its hero section. Rather than phasing it out in the form of a grid that one would spot commonly, here, GO Outdoors have chosen to render a degree of dynamism to the collage by effecting this disproportionate division. This approach almost seems to complement the activities- all adrenaline-pumping endeavors- that the images contain. 

Choosing to make the email visuals-intensive, GO Outdoors have assigned just an image against each product category they have listed in the email, choosing not to provide any description. This has helped make the template engaging. In the email footer, the social media buttons, as well as all the important links such as unsubscribe, update your preferences, view in browser, store finder, customer care, and the like.

4. Ritual

Subject line: 3…2…1…30% off!

Ritual-New year email

Ritual easily takes the cake here for crafting one of the most ingenious New Year’s email subject lines you will come across. Taking the countdown that is synonymous with the occasion and using it to slide their special discount in it- that’s extremely crafty. 

Next, let’s come to the email itself. Now, if you happen to be on the fence regarding minimalism, we are pretty sure this New Year’s email will make you hop onto the bandwagon. Employing bold typography, high-quality visuals, and white space, Ritual’s New Year’s template is an absolute delight to behold. 

The laser-focused messaging is further supported by the single-column layout of the temple, which facilitates better navigation and readability. With a lot riding on your New Year’s email campaigns, you might be tempted to try out a dozen things, but let this email from Ritual remind you that sometimes less is indeed more. 

5. Email Uplers

Subject line: A toast to the new year, 2023

Email Uplers_new year email

“Year-in-review” is a popular trend that you would observe across many brands’ New Year’s email campaigns. It works because it is a clever and non-salesy way for a brand to communicate their value proposition to their customers. 

For our 2023 New Year mailer, we embraced this route. Coincidentally, 2022 marked us completing ten years, and so we took the occasion to spotlight ten of our high points over the decade in this email. Visually, we employed a timeline to mark these accomplishments, peppering friendly and festive illustrations in the layout to regulate the email’s mood. Cognizant of the fact that our email was a touch heavy on text, we judiciously utilized line spacing and white space to keep the layout from appearing cluttered. As for important links, the view online option was placed right at the top, and the unsubscribe and social media links in the footer.


We are huge admirers of subject lines that are crisp and to the point, much like the one LUCY PARIS have composed over here. The merit of such subject lines is that they easily distinguish themselves in inboxes that tend to get over-flooded with emails pouring in from all directions during this particular juncture. 

Coming to the email template, it is a thorough visual delight. Choosing the right color palette for their templates is an endeavor that many, many brands fumble with. Driven by a lack of clarity, they end up exerting multiple shades, which eventually results in the email template becoming incredibly visually jarring. 

The folks at LUCY PARIS, on the other hand, have absolutely hit it out of the park in this regard. Their decision to utilize only one color has paid off immensely, for the eventual template screams sophistication and elegance. Besides, they have pulled off a masterclass in product exhibition as well- prominent, high-quality images accompanied with a concise copy, as unfussy as it gets!

7. Nest Bedding

Subject line: The Easiest Way to Sleep Better in 2023

Placing a countdown timer at the top of your email is an excellent way of instilling urgency in your subscribers’ minds the very instant they open their email. But Nest Bedding haven’t stopped at just that over here; to tempt their readers further, they have added a line about the kinds of savings customers will be able to avail of at their New Year’s sale just below the timer. 

The hero image, showcasing the brand offering, leaves nothing to be desired. What is particularly impressive here is the manner in which they have highlighted their product’s salient features in this email. 

Going beyond the usual combination of copy and image, Nest Bedding have employed icons as visual cues to foster a better understanding for the reader. Every product is equipped with its own CTA, too. Towards the bottom of the email, a few best-selling items have also been put out for the subscriber’s perusal. Although the template holds a lot of information, mindful utilization of white space and adherence to an ideal text-to-image ratio reduce the cognitive load, making the email easy to engage with. 

8. Plantwise

Subject line: LAST CHANCE BOGO: Countdown to a Healthy You in 2023 🎇

While images are obviously valuable, using too many of them can increase your email’s file size, which ultimately doesn’t bode well for you. If you are wondering how to keep the visual appeal of your template intact by minimizing your dependency on images, we’ve got two words for you- bold typography. And to support our argument, we present this New Year’s email from Plantwise. 

Although the hero section of this email doesn’t have an image, bold typography ensures that it nevertheless remains visually engaging. To catalyze the reader’s decision-making process, Plantwise has listed down a few salient features of every product that they have featured in their email. Recognizing the fact that the template is text-intensive, Plantwise haven’t added any unnecessary visuals besides the product images, helping the email obtain a neat look. 

Wrapping It Up

After going through these examples, we hope the only problem that you face now is the problem of plenty, what with these inspirations imparting a plethora of tips and tricks for you to jot down! We can’t wait to see the exciting and mesmerizing New Year’s email campaigns we are positive you will come up with.

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